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ooGorman302's review of Virgin Atlantic Airways

“Virgin Atlantic customer service where”


written by ooGorman302 on 04/04/2015

Dumped off a Virgin flight with no help, yes believe it.
It takes time to earn silver member status and yes you could say that you needed to be happy with Virgin Atlantic to have flown this much with them and yes we were. Then in February we flew to Barbados with them in premium economy not much to complain about other than the food quality has slowly got to the stage that one look made you leave it on the tray, I could just see Richard eating it. Getting the flight home was another story, standing and waiting an hour to get through to the airport entrance in temps of 80 degrees with four flights leaving at about the same times, was a problem and the heat caused my wife's feet to swell. So we tried to upgrade to upper class to be told no seats were available, my wife just wanted to put her feet up to reduce the swelling. We were already in premium economy and were told to ask for a little more leg room on the flight. We boarded the plane got shown to our seats and my wife asked the stewardess if there was a bit more leg room anywhere to put her feet up. Then was asked what was wrong with her she replied standing in the heat has made my feet swell, the stewardess said you can't fly with swollen feet as this can cause you a problem. My wife explained that we are silver members and to get that, have flown many times and assured her that she does not suffer with swollen feet when flying. The stewardess said she would ask for medical advice, on returning she said I have to put you off the flight, my wife said if you need me to sign a disclaimer saying I fly at my own risk, I will do so as I know the swelling will go down when I put my feet up. The stewardess said someone will come to escort you both off the flight and the Virgin rep will take care of you back in the airport, your luggage is now being removed and you will need a doctors letter before we will let you fly. We are taken to the airport customs and left in the middle with our cases my wife still standing on swollen feet. The Virgin guy that took us back to the airport said ok I am off, we said where is the Virgin rep that's going to help us, walking away he said there isn't one. Can you now imagine standing in an airport with no help no where to stay three cases and a wife with swollen feet, just think hard before flying Virgin we have just booked BA. The one really good thing was, we had stayed at Sandals in Barbados and phoned to tell them what had happened, they sent a car to collect us gave us a room took us to a doctor who said we were fit to fly, now this is service. Virgin just left us and on complaining about what happened they thought it so trivial that they gave us 8000 flying miles each. The problem with airlines is they think they are too big to get hurt by social media and as for customer service they tend to think it doesn't matter anymore. Virgin and their staff were at one time very customer friendly this has now changed, they now are very much take it or leave it and the service has gone and the staff think they are better than the passengers. I did send two emails to Virgin customer service and gave them a chance to give me an answer that I could at least get my head around. Maybe like, we will check into this and this should not have happened, you being left at an airport with no help after being told a rep would take care of you. Or we will check on who told you there was a rep at the airport to help when we were told later that Virgin don't have a rep at that airport. The Virgin answer was after my second email as good as, we have given you 8000 miles each and if this doesn't cover your extra costs claim off your travel insurance. To sum this up we are not complainers and were not looking for money back but answers. So remember if flying Virgin this can happen to you as they don't think its worth checking into but you may get 8000 flying miles to throw away, because you won't want to fly with them again

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