Terrible customer service, untrustworthy company

Virgin Atlantic Airways
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midpikyrozziy's review of Virgin Atlantic Airways

“Terrible customer service, untrustworthy company”


written by midpikyrozziy on 13/02/2024

I missed a flight with Virgin Atlantic due to delays on my public transport. I contacted their customer service to ask them to clarify their "Events Beyond Your Control" policy, as this information would help me to determine whether I would be entitled to compensation through my insurance.

Unfortunately, the advisor repeatedly provided wrong information about the policy (talking about events beyond Virgin Atlantic's control, whereas the policy wording clearly refers to events which are beyond the PASSENGER'S control). When I politely pointed this out and asked them to double-check, the response became completely childish. First they ignored my questions, then they became rude, then they suggested that if I wasn't happy with the response I could lodge a formal complaint with Aviation ADR, and then they just ignored my messages completely.

I have no idea why Virgin Atlantic were so determined to avoid providing the answer that I was entitled to, nor why they misled about the policy in the first place. But it was a really disappointing and frustrating process - I won't be booking with Virgin Atlantic again, and I suggest you don't either.

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