I will never fly American Airlines again.

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simrapoport's review of American Airlines

“I will never fly American Airlines again. ”


written by simrapoport on 28/04/2024

There is literally no way to talk to an AA employee who can do something about a poor experience. A customer must instead complete a cumbersome on-line form. I submitted such a form and included the information below. At a bare minimum, I am entitled to a refund of the difference between first class and coach, and I should also receive compensation. Instead, all I got was a short form email response that said “sorry” and a $25 credit. Unbelievable.

My trip was a disaster for many reasons, including how I was treated by American after the trip. It is clear that American upper management cares only about short term profits and is not focused on the long term or its customers. This is a shortsighted approach and American will pay the price in the end. Is management oblivious to the terrible reputation American has in the marketplace? Many people — including me at this point — simply refuse to fly the airline.

And American employees are equally frustrated with the company. Almost without exception, when I related my poor experience, they apologized and said they wish there was something they could do but the company will not allow them to take any action. And almost without exception, they went on voice their serious concerns about how the company is managed.

Upper management, wake up! You are headed for disaster unless you alter course.

Here is the information I submitted on the form:

“Issues with first leg:
I received multiple text messages which postponed my original flight multiple times. Weather was a factor but most of the delay was due to mechanical problems, poor planning, and mismanagement.

My original flight from SLC to DFW was scheduled to leave at 2:02pm. It was first postponed to 3:01pm. It was then postponed to 4:18pm, then 5:18pm, then 6:32pm, then 7:28pm, then 8:12pm, etc. etc. etc. The flight was finally scheduled to depart at 10:25pm, a full 8.5 hours later than the original departure time. Meanwhile, inexplicably, many other flights left on time or with only short delays.

I stood in a quite long line at the SLC airport, I had to be quite aggressive to get a seat on a flight to Dallas that departed at approximately 5:30pm, and I lost my first class seat. As an aside, a long line should have been unnecessary, but there were only AA agents at one of the AA gates and there were only two agents. Why not more agents at more gates since AA was of course fully aware of the many issues arising?

Issues with second leg:
Here is my updated boarding pass for my second leg, Flight 1007:

When we landed at DFW, I walked to Gate C6 but when I went to board with my updated boarding pass they told me that I was not on the flight and that I had been rebooked on another earlier flight that had already departed a short time before! What?? Why? And why didn’t anybody tell me? I could have made that flight if I had only known.

Again, being somewhat aggressive, I was able to get a ticket on Flight 1007 which they had told me was full. However, again, I lost my first class seat.

Issues with luggage:
When I finally arrived in New Orleans, it took at least 45 minutes for baggage to start being loaded onto the carousel. And after waiting for all the luggage to come through, which also took significant time, I realized that both my bags had been lost.

I then needed to go to the AA baggage claim office, wait in a long line there, and answer many questions. They eventually told me that my bags never left Salt Lake City! I asked how that could be given I had checked in more than six hours before my flight left Salt Lake City, given that at least three flights had flown to Denver, and given that I had checked the bags approximately 14 hours earlier. They literally laughed and said they had no explanation.

My travel day started at 10:30am Mountain when I left for the SLC airport from Wendover which is 1.5 hours away. I finally arrived at my New Orleans hotel at 2am Central the next day, 16.5 hours later. And it is now the next afternoon and I still do not have my luggage.

What I need:

1. Under these horrendous circumstances, I must demand a refund of both of my first class tickets (a real refund and not just a airfare credit), rather than only a refund of the difference between the cost of coach tickets and first class tickets.

2. And I am entitled to additional significant compensation for the ridiculous and avoidable length of time I was delayed, for being bumped off my second flight without even being notified, for the lost luggage, and for the other parade of horribles I was forced to endure.

I would add that I experience issues virtually every time I fly American. You must be aware that the airline’s reputation is quite poor. Does upper management just not care? Are they so concerned about immediate profits that they have lost focus on the long-term picture? Unless AA reverses course, the end result for the airline will be disaster.

I talked with many fliers who experienced many issues with AA both yesterday and in the past. People understand that weather is beyond your control, but they also know that maintenance, management, and customer service is most certainly within your control and is significantly lacking.

Whenever possible, I fly Alaska because I rarely experience issues and, on the rare occasion I do, they make it right without me even needing to ask. In contrast, I always experience issues with AA, and your agents have absolutely no authority to do anything. Yesterday, they told me that all they could do is give me a card which has a website on it through which I could submit this messaging. And they literally told me not to call the phone number provided as it would be a waste of time because I would be on hold for a long time if I got though at all and, even if I got through, the telephone agent would also have no authority to do anything and would only direct me to the same website. Sheesh.

I have not even mentioned some of the other issues I experienced this trip. Suffice it to say, today has been a miserable experience. If you have any hope of salvaging me as a customer, you will need to offer me significant compensation in addition to a full refund of my tickets and also provide substantive responses to my concerns. I look forward to your immediate reply.”

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