utterly disgusted!!!!!!

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“utterly disgusted!!!!!!”

Written on: 07/01/2013

Dear sirs,

It saddens me to be writing such a letter, on two levels firstly because of my experience and secondly I have no faith that it will be read or even noticed, but even so I am compelled to tell you exactly what my experience was with traveling with your company.

As a Christmas present my father paid for me and my family to travel to uk for Christmas 2012 myself my husband and our 4 children ages 5 years 4 years 21months and 5 months. I am a frequent flyer not with all children but have had ups and owns with travel but always found staff helpful and accommodating. On our arrival flight was delayed and we was given a travel time of 5 hours and 15 minutes.....? The longest flight I have ever been on to cyprus. So my taxi collection was delayed also waiting in the airport with 4 very tired children is no picnic..

Our return flight we had Christmas presents to bring home so we checked in two bags on line before we flew, we could not print out an amended itinery however the money was taken and we had a printed receipt of transaction. Which was proof of purchase, or so we thought. Costing 70 pounds. Booking in desk, our first experience of one of you wonderful workers. She was very unhelpful and very rude, I didn't take names because this described ALL of your airport staff! I was sent to your ticket sales desk to que while your lady patrol with her radio was walking up n down and then hanging over the help desk, until another member of staff asked if she could help out serving if she was not busy, all of which was in ear shot of all people queuing, very professional....... The then had a little power struggle which made for faint entertainment whilst we your paying customers looked on in a big que watching her tinker on a computer for ten mins, then another staff member turned up holding a drinking cup(how nice for her) before tinkering then said radio woman said well you don't need me here now so I'm off! She did not serve one of your customers. I finally get to your ticket desk, to check wether or not I have bags checked or not. Your computer is not reading the transaction, meanwhile time is ticking.... So I politely ask ok so this receipt means what the? Nothing is the reply you will need to pay for cases 110 pounds each, 220 in total, ok I said can I pay you in euro? No! Is the reply, ok can I pay with my euro card? No! You need to pay cash pounds! My options at this point are what I asked, pay or don't take your cases!?..... I never said I would not pay I just did not have pounds. So very polite and helpful. I left my husband in charge of kids and cases we had been 40 mins so far. And went looking for a Beaure de change. Such a lovely girl served me such a pleasure after dealing with your staff!

I qued again in your ticket Que, whereby there were a few more angry customers, funny that...... I paid for the cases 220 pound plus the 70 pounds online checking so far 290 for the cases... We are feeling a little fraught at this point babies are crying hungry needing attention, boys agitated and all in all we are fighting back the angry s. we go now to the check in, where we are met by another member of your wonderful staff, who informed us that we are over on weight totally our falt no excuses there! And we will need to go back n pay for that 140 pounds thank you very much, which honestly fine with as we were over. Not fine with the 290 paid for checking in said cases. Just as I was about to go your lovely lady said you will have to hurry as we will be shutting desk soon , what a nightmare she said, next time get your relatives to send you money! Very helpful comment at this point, don't you think?

So I run off babies still crying husband more and more stressed answell as myself I have to que again at your ticket desk does no one care!? I am distraught by this time, and your helpful man at counter says well I'm not sure you will get on the flight I will have to go quick. Bless him but so far this has cost us 290 I am about to pay another 140 and I may not even catch the flight!!! Is there a point to living! I broke down at this point, my kids are upset my husband is upset and now we may not even catch the flight home. I asked your man, please is there a point of paying this money, will we get on the plane? I don't know was his reply!? What do you do? So I pay in hope that we will be able to get the flight! So we rush ourselves as fast as humanly possible with babies crying boys feeling sickly and adults ready to burst, through to customs..... Ooooooo what a sigh of relief humans, real humans. Nice polite but firm people doing a good respectful job! Shame on you ryan air shame! We get through customs find our way to tv s find gate number 54 and we off on a route march as quick as our feet will carry us! And all I can think of right now is turning around and going back to information and booking other flights as this was HORRIFIC! Not only could we miss the flight but at this point there would be Norway we would sit together........... I am distressed!

We arrive at gate and flashing on the screen is........ Estimated departure of our flight was 4.15!! It was not even in yet!!? We where rushed stressed-rushed stressed for absolutely no reason the time now was 3.18 we was miraculously on time and you dear ryan air were delayed... We could not purchase anything in the airport for fear of missing our flight, the boys were feeling sick as was I! And quite thirsty after 2-30 hours spent in stressful circumstances... Anyway saving grace at least we would be seated together... We waited an hour in the que to be boarded......... We watched our plain arrive doing ark and then we were ordered to come forward. We had our hand luggage the 2 boys had small school bags I emphasize small! My husband and I had normal sized bags I had no hands free to get out my documents I had them all placed in a travel money bag easy access and asked the .......can't find a suitable word if she minded to get them from there, she then looked us all up and down and asked how many we're traveling I said six and pointed out our group so she was fully aware of us. You have too much hand luggage. How I have our bags and the bottles for the babies! You will have to pay for that she said! Ooooooo lord have mercy. I had enough I took a deep breath and tied bottle bag which is a thermos bag to keep bottles warm ontop of one of the boys small bags, not good enough it has to be in your bag and she was rude in humane and quite disgusting as is all your staff! I was bemused i asked if she was trully kidding me, i travelled this way coming to uk and had not a problem ever!!!! with baby food!!! We ruined our bag by forcing it in the hand luggage, I was ready to give up! She begrudgingly checked our boarding papers, and handed them to my husband but he had not hold of them she let them fall on the floor looked at what had happened and carried on her business bearing in mind we are six in front of doors and now people are stepping over us as we are trying to pick up passports and boarding passes it had dropped on the floor! My God. This can not be happening. We were fortunate again to have some nice people journeying with us that took some pity and lent a hand! Great customer service!

Just horrible. We are on your no frills plane. We are hungry thirsty tired.. No exhausted. We wait till we are all in the air and are told sorry we only have 10 hot food items for sale........
My husband and I are at breaking point and I pray we can get over this experience.

We arrive our cases are through and one is all busted up! Hoorah! 330 pounds for a ruined Christmas case full of toys for the kids! Thank you ryan air.

Your company has managed to turn your poor member s of staff into demonic aliens with no customer care skills or even desires. It is no surprise to me that there are people after experiencing what we have endured resort in violent crime against other humans and I am a Christian woman! With those feelings!! I am horrified that budget airlines as you are allowed to operate! Quite frankly you maybe cheap but is that an excuse to not be human!

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