Samsung T27A950 Full HD 27" LED 3D TV Monitor – Questions & Answers

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Samsung T27A950 Full HD 27" LED 3D TV Monitor

Having a good product is one thing, winning the hearts of the people is another, luckily for the Samsung T27A950 Full HD 27" LED 3D TV Monitor,  it seem to be enjoying the best of both. With

a Mega Dynamic  Contrast Ratio of 5,000,0000:1 users couldn’t but doff their hats for the mind-blowing picture quality.

The 1290 x 1080 full HD resolutions and the LED backlit screen informed many at Compusa that this was no ordinary monitor. Coupled with the fact that this device allows you to download over 100 different types of applications and also perform live content streaming from site like YouTube, this is certainly the real deal for a lot of users. At Amazon, consumers were particularly impressed with the sound production and the DTV auto tuner that transforms the monitor into a perfect HDTV. The HDMI and multiple VGA interfaces for connectivity is also a widely applauded aspect of this product. Its great design, ease of use, excellent pricing and overall performance earned it a comfortable 4 out of 5 stars at Amazon.

Nevertheless, some reviews at best buy highlighted the ‘unreal black’ situation but being a 3D device, most users were willing to disregard this shortcoming. Several other consumers did not think that the included stand was good enough to support the 27 inch device; it was described as poorly designed, unstable and plastic-like. Certain comments indicated that not everyone is pleased with the sound quality; however, the basis of their opinion is unclear at this point.  

Apart from a user who had to update the nividia video driver to eliminate intermittent signal loss; it appears there are no serious issues with this product.  The Samsung T27A950 Full HD 27" LED 3D TV Monitor is definitely living up to all expectations as a wonderful monitor and an awesome TV-for those who wish.

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