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written by climbinsheep on 19/07/2013

I bought one of these and it ran alright. After 3 months the engine kill switch on the side stand decided to break, leaving me stranded on the side of a road with no idea what was wrong. After 8 months and a few more minor faults, I was riding along the motorway and the engine seized. I was thrown from the bike and was very lucky that I escaped relatively unhurt. There was oil in the engine and I had been servicing it to the recommended service levels but it still caused a scary accident. DO NOT BUY! Spend a little more and get a second hand brand bike.

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“sukida 125 is good value for money”


written by andyfromnorfolk on 12/03/2013

i was very unsure about buying a chinese bike. there are lots of stories of unreliability and bikes getting rusty/corroded very quickly. if you keep it in a shed or garage as i have, clean and wd40 it on a regular basis, you shouldn't have a problem. as for reliability, all i can say is that it has run perfectly since buying two months ago. one thing to bear in mind, despite what the dealer will tell you, IT IS NOT A STRAIGHT FORWARD PROCESS TO REGISTER IT. if you can find one pre registered, taxed and with a number plate ready to go, pay the extra. i wish i did. it is a real hassle registering the bike. we got all the correct type approval paperwork and forms etc at the time of purchase (dont buy without) but it was still far from straight forward. the only faults that i have found are choke and seat release cables are too long and cannot be adjusted. this means that the choke turns its self off and the seat self ejects ! for the price you pay, these minor problems are nothing that can't be sorted though.

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“sukida 125-5b reveiw”


written by on 23/07/2012

theres not alot of info online about these and i was a bit funny about buying such a cheap bike with all the noise about rubbish chinease imports, mine is slightly different to the model pictured it the lastest model 125cc. £750 new. the price was amazing. i have found only one fault with the bike the shifter lever is quite close to the rest so cant ride in big boots or skate shoes if you wanted to. apart from that i do 1 hours drive each way to work 5 days a week never had any problems, great fuel ecomemy and pritty quick, ovo its not the fastest 125 going but its not slow, the weight distribution is bang on so its nice to drive cheap insurance is good if your wondering. the gauges are clear and i would rather ride this than my old honder equivilant. if your looking for a good cheap bike i would recomend it to anyone. best ov all nice drive cheap and really comfortable overall brilliant. defo NOT a case of you get wat you pay for it better by far.

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“7 Months Ownership”


written by callumd94 on 18/04/2012

I have owned my Sukida for 7 months now and cannot fault the bike at all. I only purchased the bike because new it is £699 + £80 delivery and this was my first geared motorcycle so i did not want anything expensive. This bike is a fantastic learner learner bike. Good points: Very good fuel consuption (tank is 11 litres and i only use 9 litres a month for £13) Small seat height of 760mm (im 5ft6 and can place both feat firmly on the ground) Fast for a 125cc engine (0-60mph 14 seconds) Light (a net weight of just 114kg) Great seating position Very reliable (only thing that has gone wrong is a loose indicator which i caused from lowsiding) Change to 17tooth front sprocket and it will pull you to 70mph at redline easily (can cruise at 65mph if you install a slightly smaller rear sprocket) Bad points: Extremly low gearing (stock is 43t rear and 15t front, top speed 60mph at redline) That was the only bad point. So overall insurance £319 1year no claims bonus and i only turned 18 6 days ago. 100+mpg, fast, very reliable (only one loose indicator in 7 months) great learner bike. A+++

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Gazuk1980's Response to callumd94's Review

Written on: 24/05/2012

i had my bike for a yr and it mint for your first bike this is the one for you

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“Good for the novice not so good for long term use”


written by Minayowitz on 07/04/2012

I recently purchased this motorcycle from a reputable importer here’s the link for anyone interested: Everything was as expected with the motorcycle when I received and I have no complaints regarding the dealer itself other than in the description of the product they are some important pieces of information that have been –in my opinion- deliberately omitted in order to boost the chance of a sale. You will also notice when visiting the website that despite the button at the bottom of the page inviting you to do leave feedback there are no user’s reviews related to the product. This is also part of the same strategy of careful information control put in practice by business in order to deflect unwelcome criticism from previous buyers. Since this motorcycle appears to be offer exceptional value for money and may catch the interest of many buyers, here’s a few bits of information and comments that you should be aware of before committing yourself to the sale: Build quality and finish As expected from a Chinese brand at the bottom of the ladder for western markets, so not great and not bad. It would be totally unfair and stupid to expect the same quality of materials and finish from a £700 bike as for a Honda CBF or Yamaha YBR in the same category that despite being made also in China cost well over 3 times as much. Due to the budget requirements for the materials used they tend to rust easily so special attention is required to keep them dry at all times and covered when not in use. Having said that, they appear to be solidly put together and won’t fall apart after a couple of days. From a distance the bike certainly causes a good impression and its design is also rather stylish. Top Speed and Power This important bit of information has been omitted in the website and the reason soon appears clear. This machine is seriously underpowered and only manages to deliver 55 mph which is well below motorway standards. Not that your typical Japanese bike will achieve such speeds easily or at all but at least they won’t start crying for mercy when hitting 40 mph which is the speed at which riding this machine will start to get uncomfortable. Yes the Sukida is definitely a 30mph motorbike and anything above that it really doesn’t feel really happy with. Top speeds and 1 and 2 gears are also ridiculously low, you will struggle to get off the traffic lights before anybody else and often cars will be tempted to overtake you if you’ve give them the chance. That’s not say that it is embarrassingly slow, no, it’s not so bad; it’s simply that after a couple of months you are going feel the need for a bit more of a kick and not because you’re an speed demon but simply because of the laborious process to get this thing up to speed. Start and Gears and torque Being a basic machine it has no fuel injection but uses the traditional choke and carburettor to get starting when it is cold. So even when it’s not that cold you’ll have to spend some time fiddling with the choke until you get it to start without cutting itself off after a second or two. One of the most positive features of this bike is the gear indicator in the instrument panel that most learners will find a god send. It’s not always reliable but definitely most useful. The gear changer lever is not your typical sports bike design but the toe and heel mechanism (gear down with your the front of your foot, gear up with your heel) which is not a problem for me (others may disagree). Also pulling away is easy even in second gear although that may be less a credit to the engine that to the fact that you’re starting with a brand new clutch. Weight and stands According to the documentation this bike is pleasantly light at around 105 kg which I find a blessing. Unfortunately you’ll feel cursed once you try to put it on the centrestand. What a son of a b**** that thing is. Due to the crappy design even experienced motorist used to handle far heavier machines will find frustrated and prone to rage outburst. It is possible however to do it but far from easy and requiring far too much force. So not so good. Brakes and tyres Another bit of info conveniently omitted in the website relates to the tyres. They are of the tubed variety and therefore rather soft. Couple that with the rather soft suspension as well and you are in for a rather spongy and ass caring ride. No complaints about the seat either; Comfortable enough. Brakes appear solid in operation, the rear one in particular is rather smooth, even after applying serious pressure the rear wheel does not show signs of ever locking-up. Fuel economy The odometer shows no mileage but “kilometrage”. Not a great deal for me. Fuel consumption is around 80 miles per gallon in average conditions, depends of course how your ride and the type of roads you use. Possible better under ideal conditions but I don’t think 100 miles to the gallon are under its reach. In any case not bad at all. Lights Unsurprisingly cheap and therefore won’t give you much visibility at night. I’ll try to replace them for something better at the earliest opportunity. The horn in the other hand is very loud and very much command attention and even respect. Final Assessment So as a learner motorbike or if you are really afraid of speed or if you are simple desperately poor this motorcycle will fit the bill perfectly but if you’re thinking to stick to 125cc after passing your full licence or retaking your CBT I would advise you to reconsider and go for something with a bit more of power and speed. British designed AJS and Sinnis bikes may offer you that extra bit of power and finesse at a lower cost that Yamahas and Hondas, but since I’ve never owned any of these I can’t really recommend.

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Minayowitz's Response to Minayowitz's Review

Written on: 23/05/2013

2Hi, I was the first to review the Sukida Tough in this website more or less about a year ago and I thought it would be a good idea to update it on the basis of my long term experience with it. So here are my thoughts after one year of continuous use and around 4000 miles on the clock:

safety concerns: I must now say that I wouldn't recommended this bike on the basis of the sloppy quality control or rather the lack of it that you may encounter when buying this bike and that apparently is very common. The guy at my local garage had serviced one like mine earlier and noted that a certain essential part of the carburattor was missing and needed to be replaced. Mine was even worse since they had forgotten to put oil in the front suspension. Unfortunately, the fault was only picked up after falling off my bike a few times inexplicably when braking under control. The last fall thought was particular bad: I slided on a corner in a wet road and broke my collarbone. NHS wouldn't fixed it properly so I had to pay for an operation; lost 2 months work and my Xmas holidays Apparently the cr***y tyres were also to blame for the accident. The front brake pads were also awful and were worn out after a couple of months.
The moral of the story is that you cannot trust the manufacturer neither the seller for the safety of these bikes and that if you are still prepare to buy one do please take it to the garage as soon as possible for a full test to make sure are safe to ride!
If you bought one with the intention of keeping it be aware also of the impossibility of obtain parts should anything go wrong with them. Learner legal doesn't provide after sales support for the bike in any respect so you have to rely on the expertise of the mechanics to get you compatible parts for your machine. Lexmoto branded bikes however have a good level of support for the imported bikes so I would choose one of the models in their catalogue as opposed to the ones provided by Learner Legal. They are similarly priced and of comparable quality.

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