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“Galaxy s4 unlocked”

Written on: 28/08/2016 by RayFinn (1 review written)

This is second time to use for unlocking samsung phones. Had codes very fast and followed instructions provided. Perfect. Thank you and will deal again when needed… Read Full Review

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“Misleading website and owner is a D1CK”

Written on: 24/02/2016 by davidisnumber1 (1 review written)

You should go else where for the services you are looking for...I Was needing imei repair service. And after being sold a account to do so it informs me that I have insufficient credits, i even tried to buy more credits and it said sold out. Bait and then F U out of your money.... Requested refund and the admin offered half back saying there was admin fees.. F U UNLOCKSAMSUNGONLINE.com… Read Full Review

Unlocksamsungonline's Response to davidisnumber1's Review

Written on: 27/04/2016

1: You are not able to properly read
The product you bought VERY clearly states 'THIS PRODUCT DOEST NOT SERVE TO REPAIR IMEI'. Its not hidden its written in capitals in the product description.

Furthermore the IMEI repair manual clearly states which product to buy and even on our main website unlocksamsungonline.com when you select IMEI repair as action you get to the right product (which is NOT the one you bought)

Heck even the product's NAME should give you a clue.. you bought '1 x Samsung UNLOCK by cable' as to where the correct product is called '1 x Samsung IMEI repair by cable'.. hmm what will be what right? SOO difficult!

Conclusion you did ZERO reading and used zero dot zero of your brain capacity

2. We offered you 2 options;
- Upgrade (= only pay the difference) between the 1 x Unlock by cable account which you bought to 1 x IMEI repair by cable account

- Partial refund (deducting 4.47 euro administration fees) as there was ZERO fault on our end and our products are intangible so we can't take them back and just 'trust' you to not use it.

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“Thank you ”

Written on: 01/01/2016 by SRS050612 (1 review written)

I unlocked a Samsung galaxy core lte. using Unlock Samsung Online. Just followed the directions provided by unlocksamsungonline They have a very good price and software. whole procedure took 10 minutes I will definitely recommend this product to anyone. This is the second Samsung phone I unlocked with this procedure yours truly… Read Full Review

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“An exceptional, reliable service 100%”

Written on: 02/11/2015 by DanielHaller1 (1 review written)

In my opinion this site is 100% secure. I unlocked my phone with imei code without any problems.I would recommend this service to everyone who need a quality service.The price of this service is good for anyone. Thanks to this site for the quality of the service provided. I unlocked my phone on the first try… Read Full Review

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Written on: 24/07/2015

I just wanted to say that I followed the easy instructions to the letter and was able to unfreeze/unlock/network unlock my Samsung very easily. Previously I had spent hours between Telstra/Dodo/Samsung even on conference calls and was unable to resolve my issues, being passed from one to the other. Your service is fantastic. and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It only took a few minuets and the online instructions are so easy to follow and the user interface is uncluttered and easy to… Read Full Review

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“EXACTLY What I Needed & Worth the Small Price”

Written on: 13/07/2015 by Braden1992 (1 review written)

I got exactly what I wanted and could not be more pleased! I ordered the USB Method and it was simple/easy to use, immediate and inexpensive. I'm definitely going to share this method on my FaceBook and to anyone who asks my opinion on how they should go about unlocking their Samsung device. There was not one thing I could say negatively about my experience. Glad I chose to go with them it is the best method I've found to SIM Unlock Samsung devices… Read Full Review

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“Excellent Service -- Very pleased”

Written on: 10/07/2015

Quick response time, relevant information, good product, great service and support, worked flawlessly! This worked as described and as reviews indicated. I was happy to receive the communication and directions once the codes were generated and sent. This unlocked the phone without any problems whatsoever on the first attempt. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to free themselves from the tyrant of big business trying to control consumers… Read Full Review

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“Phenomenal Product & Service”

Written on: 19/05/2015

I needed help unlocking the pattern passcode on my recently (suddenly) deceased husband's phone, which contains a lot of irreplaceable family photos and videos. I needed a little one-on-one technical support, which was promptly provided in a professional and friendly manner. The download then worked like a charm, and I now have full access to the phone. I can't thank them enough! Not much has managed to bring me any significant level of comfort since I lost him, but this was definitely one… Read Full Review

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“Poor To Uselss”

Written on: 06/05/2015 by Nightwulf2040 (1 review written)

No way to enter the needed characters regarding the usb setting to allow the program to detect/access the phone as the phone uses a touchscreen and there is no separate keypad to use. Pending the results of my support ticket I rate you a zero out of any number… Read Full Review

Unlocksamsungonline's Response to Nightwulf2040's Review

Written on: 06/06/2015

eeh?! Really I mean really?

The 'characters' this person is talking about are some codes like:

So let me ask you a question? When you dial a number how do you do that?

Then when you are at the screen to dial a number, take a very close look at all the number and 'characters'... I hope you make a connection there.

I'm also very sure that support has provided you with the same instructions.

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Nightwulf2040's reply to Unlocksamsungonline's Comment

Written on: 06/06/2015

Tried the freaking keypad, entered the correct numbers and symbols, cumstain. Inputting the numbers did frak all, just like your dubious product. And support provided even less than your cognitively impaired response - they provided no response - just took the money and ran. Neither does any good, same as your product. I removed your de fact virus program from my computer and I'll be happy to now let people know via various pages/sites to avoid your non-service, the pretty much non-reply and the non-existent support. All said without prejudice, just brutal honesty.

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Unlocksamsungonline's reply to Nightwulf2040's Comment

Written on: 10/06/2015

I think the problem here is your cognitive abilities (non-existent) instead of our software or instructions.

Our software replies to every single one ticket created so that is lie number one.

Secondly our software does not contain any virus so that's lie number 2 anybody can check using virustotal or any other service.

If you're such a big man step out of anonymity and provide me your support ticket ID and I'll look up the case and make it available for everybody to see

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“Great Service for my Cricket phone Galaxy S4”

Written on: 20/03/2015 by geoladron (1 review written)

I bought the code, a little bit scared of not getting what I was expecting. They were able to answer my questions ASAP. They did mentioned it would take around 72 hours or so fo the code to be delivered so mine was delivered in half the time! Around 35 hours it took them after the payment to send me the unlock code. And ti unlock it, no problems with the code, tried method one, first try, and phone was unlocked. Took me just one minute to get it unlocked after receiving my codes. Thank you so… Read Full Review

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“Fast service great site”

Written on: 24/01/2015 by Lindsay383 (1 review written)

Ive tried other unlock services without success,even tried mobile shops who couldn't get the unlock code because they said samsung servers not online.Came to Samsung online.com,and within hours got my unlock code.So I would highly recommend this site very happy with their service,and very very simple to unlock my Samsung S3.Thank you for a great service.ps did not need to use customer services because every thing went as per instructions on web site… Read Full Review

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“Terrible Customer Service!!!”

Written on: 13/01/2015 by hoi1111 (1 review written)

Was unable to unlock my phone with the remote unlock by cable. The guy on the other end offered no help at all...as a matter of fact was very rude. Will NOT recommend and will NEVER use again. Don't waste your time and money!!!… Read Full Review

Unlocksamsungonline's Response to hoi1111's Review

Written on: 07/02/2015


Please provide me with your email or SRS username then I can check your case and report back here.

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“This works!”

Written on: 11/01/2015 by ZainMcIntyre (1 review written)

When others announce that Samsung Services are down for maintenance, this website does the job!… Read Full Review

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“unlocked my samsung gt-s5369t”

Written on: 08/12/2014 by sharkz213 (1 review written)

yes that has unlocked my samsung gt-s5369t .. :) thank u so much and Good service… Read Full Review

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“Quickly. Simply. Reliably.”

Written on: 04/12/2014 by ksabalko1 (1 review written)

I had to urgently restore imei phone. Said that without special equipment, I can not do that. But the Internet suggested that there is a good program. Indeed, he found downloaded. There, on the website of the developers have instruktsiya.V online restored the series number telefona.Kupil this program quickly and easily unlock your Samsung. There are many more useful things you can do with this program. Thanks to the developers… Read Full Review

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“galaxy s4”

Written on: 26/11/2014 by samsungfan (1 review written)

It work...my s4 is now unlock...love it...it didn't take long to get the code...highly recommend to anyone… Read Full Review

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“Great response service!”

Written on: 16/11/2014 by Jennyn24 (1 review written)

They unlocked my Samsung S4 active, in just a couple hours. This is after spending the week with me going back and forth, I had made an incorrect order, and all sorts of fun stuff. They were very professional and helpful about the whole situation though. Thank you… Read Full Review

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“Galaxy S3 LTE i9305 T-Mobile unlock code in 15 minutes”

Written on: 03/11/2014

Very impressed with this service, I was sent the unlock code about 15 minutes after I paid. Using a T-Mobile/EE locked Galaxy S3 LTE i9305 However I couldn't give five stars for two reasons: You only have to enter your email once at the Paypal screen and this could lead to a mistyped email address. Didn't happen to me but it should be more failsafe. Second reason is that the layout of the emails you receive and the "help using unlock codes" page was a bit off, took a few reads through to… Read Full Review

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“Galaxy S5 unlocked in a swiff!”

Written on: 17/09/2014 by MelanieRedbox (1 review written)

I tried to unlock my Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) locaclly but they told me it could not be done.. I then found this website and contacted support to make sure it was possible, they responded within 30 minutes and confirmed it was possible and helped me with the process. I received my unlocking codes after making the purchase in under 30 minutes!! Thanks unlocksamsungonline! Awesome service and awesome product… Read Full Review

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“Tengan cuidado, esto es una estafa”

Written on: 01/09/2014 by Geocostarica (1 review written)

No lo recomiendo, esta gente no sabe nada de nada, lo unico que saben hacer es robar su dinero, POR FAVOR NO CREAN QUE LES VAN A AYUDAR, a mi me hicieron pagar doble, primero por cable y luego por codigo, al no poder desbloquear mi celular, solo me devolvieron parcialmente el segundo pago, y el primero me lo quedaron debiendo. el cuento de que gastos administrativos, manada de ladrones, y el primero aun me lo deben y para variar dicen saber y nisiquiera se conocen los modelos de los telefonos… Read Full Review

Unlocksamsungonline's Response to Geocostarica's Review

Written on: 17/09/2014


Este persona no entiende que los cellulares SM-S900P no es NADA lo mismo que el SM-N900P.

Primero el compre el equivocado producto para desbloquear el SM-N900P como el nos dijo (tenemos prueba), el compre desbloquear por cable cual en ninguna lugar en nuestra sitio de web esta mencionado que se puede desbloquear ese modelo...

El simplemente no lea nada de nada, ni nuestra FAQ ni incluso el descripcion del producto que el compro.

Despues en su c0nvercacion c0n soporte nos dijo tengo SM-N900P y no puedo desbloquearlo c0n cable. Nos respondimos, que no es posible y en ninguna lugar en nuestra pagina dijimos eso.. el unico manera desbloqear ese modelo es por el servicio desbloquear por codigo.

Entonces el cambio a ese producto (cual es mas caro entonces el pago por eso) y ingrese su IMEI en nuestra sistema. El resultado fue no habia ninguna codigo enc0ntrado.

Entonces los pedimos por mas detailles sobre el celular para solucionar el problema. Nos descrubimos el NO tiene el SM-N900P celular! Ni tiene un celular GSM pero de CDMA.

Nuestra pagina dice SUPER claro CDMA no esta soportado y el SM-N900P no es CDMA, el tenia un SM-S900P cual es un modelo completamente differente.

Entonces porque el nos dio mal-informacion y ya ha estado bien mal-educado en su palabras c0n soporte lo hicimos pagar 2.50 euro costos de administracion y le dimos un reembolso por el resto (maso 35 euro).

Y ahora somos estafadores / ladrones? Haha me haces reir como POCO inteligencia tiene ese persona. Todo eso es 100% SU culpa y nosotros somos los malos.

Tengo un c0nsejo para ti, que tomas tu distancia de computadores completo eres obviamente no suficiente intelligente para usarlos.

Oh y todos sus detailles esta guardado en nuestra lista negra.

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