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Samsung RSH1NHMH
Samsung RSH1NHMH
Samsung RSH1NHMH
Samsung RSH1NHMH

Specification for Samsung RSH1NHMH

Main characteristics
Total Number of Shelves: 5
Freezer Star Rating: 4 Stars
Fresh Food Compartment
Fresh Food Shelves / Bins: Vegetable Bin x 2 Dairy Center
Shelf Material: Glass
Freezer Compartment
Shelve / Bins: Bin x 2 Shelves x 4
Defrost: Frost Free
Controls / Display: Digital Display
Exterior Color: White Stainless Steel Metallic
Energy Efficiency: A
Annual Energy Consumption: 540 kWHrs
Amperage Rating: 13 Amp.

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Written on: 03/10/2014 by Darien112 (1 review written)

Ice build up on temp sensor causes fridge section to think it's cold enough, so it stops cooling. Meanwhile all you food goes to room temperature and rots. The main telltale is the fridge not cool and noise from the fan if the ice gets to that. I have one that they say is post the 1/11/08 fix (so no free 'repair') but I assure you it's still a problem later builds… Read Full Review

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“yet another faulty samsung fridge/freezer”

Written on: 17/06/2014 by mark.t (1 review written)

Product rsh1nhmh fridge/freezer.Only four years old same icing problem as other customers.My fridge was repaired august 2012 but less than two years later is now faulty again. I rang Samsung but they just want me to pay a call out charge plus parts to fix problem. I have today taken the fridge evaporator panel out to clear the ice problem and re-fitted it. I'll observe the operation of the fridge and order spare parts off the internet if required. Samsung need to take more care of their… Read Full Review

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“Known problem not supported”

Written on: 07/06/2014 by MJreviewer (1 review written)

Samsung fridge/freezer RSH1NHMH. I'm not bias, but will admit to liking Samsung products in general (and have loads!). Generally a good appliance. Well designed and ergonomically friendly. However, mine (4yrs old), has started to go wrong....! Fridge not cooling, but temp display says it is OK. So I thought I would 'google' this, and it turns out that this particular appliance range has had known problems over recent years. The problem being the fridge does not cool properly, and there… Read Full Review

Rae06's Response to MJreviewer's Review

Written on: 10/06/2014

Ours was a newer model and had exactly the same problem. Purchased in 2009 We had the parts replaced out of warranty in 2011. Offered the 5 year warranty by Samsung. Now the fridge has the most disgusting smell and rust water coming out of the same part (or at least we think it is as it's a sealed unit). Spoke to Samsung and they have no recollection of the 5 year warranty. Have now spoken to Currys and have been told they cannot contest it. Will never buy Samsung again. We will need to repair/replace as we don't know if food getting contaminated by smell (we can smell it in the living room from the kitchen).
Poor manufacturing plus zero customer care!

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“Stay away”

Written on: 21/05/2014 by macbb (1 review written)

I would'nt buy another samsung fridge if they gave it away for free there is definately a problem with these appliances thats why on the newer models they are now offering you five years warranty on their compressors i only found this out when my insurance company sent out to inspect my appliance which had to be written off because it had an internal leak and that a lot off these later models there is a known fault with them. I will be taking my money and purchasing… Read Full Review

Georgina31's Response to macbb's Review

Written on: 26/06/2014

I have exactly the same problems ,i think Samsung should hold their hands up and admit these fridge freezers are faulty .Yesterday i had an engineer out too diagnose the fault and was told the compressor was gone also a gas leak ,which would cost hundreds to repair .So i now have a fridge freezer that is written off In the beginning the fault was the usual ,fridge making a noise ,the icing up by the vents.I phoned Samsung and was told to defrost for a few hours this was no where near long enough i actually turned it off for a few days After this it did work ok for a few weeks But then the same thing happened ,so i repeated the defrosting .Then on the third time of defrosting turned it on and nothing was working.I again phoned Samsung , they are useless, they read a script and will not admit this product has a known fault ,that other customers are saying on these reviews .All they want is for you to pay a call out charge which was £50 then actually pay the repair charges well no way will i ever buy another Samsung product ever again .SO SAMSUNG GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER ADMIT THIS PROBLEM THAT YOUR CUSTOMER ARE EXPERIENCING WITH THIS APPLIANCE.

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Aceflyer's reply to Georgina31's Comment

Written on: 31/07/2014

The reason the fault recurs on a frozen fridge within weeks is because of bad advice. No way is 24 hours long enough, and at best can only repair the fridge for a short period as it is building up very quickly on the blocks of ice that are still there. I have just removed the panel from my samsung fridge which after around 6 years had been working perfectly. the fan at the back of the panel was making a terrible noise and stopped working. Solid ice was showing at the back of the fridge near the left hand deodoriser vent. It took an hour or so to get the panel off, after removing four screws, and blowing warm air through the vents. The solid ice found at the back was enough to not only stop the fan working but any sensor/thermostat present. I have decided to do a full review on my experiences with this as I feel the repair kits being pushed are not necessary in most cases. Incidentally the ice I found would probably take over a week to thaw by simply turning off the frige.

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“Model RSH1 problems”

Written on: 04/11/2013 by JBRobinson (7 reviews written)

I, too, have had these problems with my Samsung RSH1: noisy fan, water dispenser not operating, temperature in fridge higher than indicated. I have measured the temperature in the fridge compartment: indicated temperature = 2 degrees C, actual temperature = 10.8 degrees C. Instructions that came with my insulin state that it should be kept between 2 and 8 degrees C. I initially contacted Samsung via their web site and received a (very prompt) response advising me to defrost the fridge and… Read Full Review

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“Extremely poor quality”

Written on: 14/10/2013 by cinnamon18 (1 review written)

Was expensive to buy, had nothing but problems, 4 years old and just binned £160 worth of food from the freezer and fridge, Out of warranty, e mailed Samsung whom were useless, were going to charge £109 for call out, then parts and labour, Mine needs a new compressor, now heres my dilemma, if it is the compressor who long will it last? If its a leak, they could put a new compressor in only to have it burned out again, the compressor I have been quoted is £120 plus labour costs, very… Read Full Review

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“Known Problem”

Written on: 29/08/2013

After 4 years it developed what turns out to be a known problem that was investigated by Watch Dog but Samsung will not honour the extended warranty they gave models prior to the Watch dog programme saying they modified those manufactured after May 2008. Well, their modification hasn't worked as mine was manufactured in June 2009 and has that same problem. Noise to fridge compartment, ice developing on left hand vent and temperature rising. No longer safe to use. I have just contact Watch… Read Full Review

Debsmat's Comment

Written on: 24/09/2013

We too have the same problem and ours was manufactured in 2010. I contacted Samsung and they reiterate that this problem was resolved and extended warranty only covers specified models not the RSH1NHMH. I too am contacting watchdog

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“Samsung – appalling products & service ”

Written on: 16/04/2013

We had the dreaded noisy fan, temperature too warm, ice build-up problem on the fridge section of a Samsung American style side by side fridge/freezer. Actually it is a RSH1NHSW model but bear with me, it is a sister to the RSH1NHMH MODEL - the only difference is the colour. It was purchased in September 2009 in Ireland costing €700. Although I was aware of and had previous experience of poor performance of Samsung equipment, we purchased this unit because the dimensions fitted (just) the… Read Full Review

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“Died after 2 years”

Written on: 15/03/2013

Samsung fridges suck. Compressor died . Gas leaked out. Write off. Do not buy a samsung fridge… Read Full Review

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“Worst Ever Buy”

Written on: 18/12/2012 by SMaria (1 review written)

I bought this machine in November 2007. 2 years ago it had a recall fault and a sensor and circuit board was replaced. Now 5 years later, it failed again and ruined all my Christmas food in the freezer. Whilst the temperature gauge on the outside says -20 for the freezer and 4 for the fridge it is not a true temperature, that is what is was set to not the temperature it actually was. I paid £250 for a new compressor to be fitted. It still didn't work. Telephoned Samsung. Not much help… Read Full Review

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“Major failure”

Written on: 03/12/2012 by AMan123 (1 review written)

For three years the fridge freezer was great. No problems whatsoever. Unfortunately once it has broken down it has broken down BIG TIME. The reading on the fridge freezer said the freezer was at -20 Fridge at -3, However over the course of a day or two I came to realise the fridge had stopped all cooling. After the food had been written off I turned it off and on. Suddenly the reading had changed completely. The freezer was now at 7C and Fridge 16C. I have never seen a Fridge freezer fail like… Read Full Review

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“A terrible purchase - do not touch SAMSUNG FF, go...”

Written on: 03/08/2012

Originally bought this product in Feb 09, looked good, big capacity and just what I wanted. All worked fine for the first 2 1/2 years and then, when out of warranty and then the troubles started. The fridge iced up, as so many others have reported and struggled to stay cold ruining a fridge full of food, luckily the temperature display told me what was happening and research on the web told me that Samsung would repair this for free. They did this within 4 days which was good. Only 10… Read Full Review

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“Beware... Ice Build Up”

Written on: 31/07/2012

Similar o other.. purchased this just over 2 years ago and stopped working due to ice build up in the fridge. freezer works fine... Contacted samsung today and although im out of warranty by 3 months they have agreed to send a engineer out and fix it for free... so customer suervice is very good. when it breaks... in 10years hopefully... ill purchase another samsung but this time ill make sure i research the model for flaws… Read Full Review

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Written on: 28/03/2012

Save yourself a load of stress, hassle and expense and DO NOT buy a Samsung F/F. Have had ours just over 4 years and have had no end of problems with it. Mainly ice build up in the fridge, when eventually the fan stops working and fridge doesn't cool. Then the freezer wouldn't stay cold either, but stuff in the salad drawer of the fridge froze! Had 6 engineer visits in four years. Last one was today when it turns out there is now a gas leak so it cannot be repaired. Samsung won't replace as… Read Full Review

Guest's Comment

Written on: 14/05/2012

Shops have a duty, under the Sale of Goods Act, to make sure that the product is:

as described
of satisfactory quality, and
fit for purpose – this means both their everyday purpose, and also any specific purpose that you agreed with the seller (for example, if you specifically asked for a printer that would be compatible with your computer).

Under the Sale of Goods Act, the retailer must either repair or replace the goods 'within a reasonable time but without causing significant inconvenience'. If the seller doesn't do this, you are entitled to claim either:

- reduction on the purchase price, or
- your money back, minus an amount for the usage you've had of the goods (called 'recision').

If the retailer refuses to repair the goods, and they won't replace them either, you may have the right to arrange for someone else to repair it, and then claim compensation from the retailer for the cost of doing this.

You have six years to get a claim in to court for faulty goods in England, Wales and Northern Ireland; in Scotland you have five years.

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Written on: 20/03/2012 by chris2ts (1 review written)

Please do feel free to get this, even more so if you want an item that does not do what it should, i could leave my food in the garden and "mother nature" would do a better job… Read Full Review

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“Samsung Fridge/Freezer Model RSH1NHMH”

Written on: 05/03/2012

BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! Fridge/Freezer stopped working after 2 years due to build up of ice in the machinery (apparently a well known Samsung problem). To make matters worse this happened while we were away on holiday so we came back to a layer of "mush" on the kitchen floor, a terrible smell and a fridge/freezer full of ruined food. To be fair to Samsung at that stage they paid to have the problem fixed & for the fridge/freezer to be "modified"… Read Full Review

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“£900 fridge/freezer lasts 4 years max”

Written on: 15/02/2012

We had the normal freezing up of the heat exchanger but I fixed that before finding out it a known problem by Samsung. Then suddenly at approx 4 years old it defrosted and wasted £50 food for us. Turns out the compressor is gone and Samsung want £350 to fix it. We spent £900 on this - not £90 and would expect a longer life than 4 years. I will never buy a Samsung product again and will tell all the same. … Read Full Review

Philtoon's Comment

Written on: 06/09/2012

We've just had a major problem with our Samsung H series fridge freezer, but moreover, Samsung customer service. The fridge failed on the Sunday morning of 22nd July. We called on 23rd July. Samsung sent out their appointed engineer firm, Elite Refrigeration Services on Friday the 27th July to be told the Fridge had 3 problems (LCD display, new fanblade, and new PCB). They'd be back to us the following week. It's now the 6th of August and we still have no refrigeration. The engineering firm have been disorganised and rude - have sent engineers out without parts and left me and my heavily pregnant girlfriend with no fridge for over 6 weeks. We have spent hours on the phone to Samsung, asking for them to replace the fridge and we're stuck in the system. 28 days for repair and then up to 28 days to order and deliver a replacement. A Mum with a newborn baby and no fresh food for 6.5 weeks and counting. I'd avoid Samsung like the plague because when it fails you'll be left in a vacuum of excuses and expensive phone bills.

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“ Samsung Fridge Freezer RSH1 Temperature Promblems”

Written on: 28/11/2011

Even though Samsung know that this is a problem fridge/freezer, they continue to sell it - is this ethical? Its a terrible waste of time and money to purchase one of these RSH1 fridge freezers - I have spent the last six weeks trying to sort ours out and am now told there are no parts to be had to repair it. Poor Customer service information and only a partial refund at the end of it. Future buyers BEWARE… Read Full Review

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Written on: 18/08/2011

This fridge was fixed 4 times for ice inside fridge. It was ordered over the internet and samsung would not accept the only documentation we received via email from Tescos where we ordered it. Being ordered on the internet we did not receive a paper invoice. Samsung must have been fixing an invisible fridge for the same problem. My friend also had same fridge with same problem they ended up with a replacement but after months of harrassing Samsung. Disaster and a well known fault with the… Read Full Review

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“We've just bought a repair kit from Appliance DIY...”

Written on: 25/02/2011

We've just bought a repair kit from Appliance DIY Repairs for our Samsung fridge freezer. We have the RS21DCNS and it had a huge ice build up preventing it from working properly. The repair kit was easy to fit and came complete with all the parts required to do the repair easily. It cost us less than half of what we were quoted to have an engineer do it for us. If you have all the right parts, the repair is very straight forward. The water now comes through the dispenser as well now, which… Read Full Review

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