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Many people now attend a PartyLite Candle Party. Here at Review Centre you can tell other people what you thought of PartyLite Candles and Accessories. Or perhaps you are considering becoming a host or you have been invited to one of these parties, then why not check out our reviews to find out what other consumer thought of PartyLite?!

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PartyLite Candle Party & Candles
PartyLite Candle Party & Candles
PartyLite Candle Party & Candles
PartyLite Candle Party & Candles

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“Overpriced. Too much sales pressure.”

Written on: 25/01/2010

Overpriced. Too much sales pressure… Read Full Review

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“I am now an ex-partylite consultant because I ran out...”

Written on: 16/08/2009 by ddevil226 (1 review written)

I am now an ex-partylite consultant because I ran out of parties, but I would like to say that I will be remaining as a customer, and continue to host parties in my home! This surely shows that I know first hand how good the products are, and that I love them?! I have worked hard whilst with Partylite, and am proud to display the products in my home. Not only do the candles smell lush, but the decorative items really complement my home. The best way to get the best out of partylite is to host… Read Full Review

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“PartyLite candle holders and decorations are rather...”

Written on: 12/08/2009

PartyLite candle holders and decorations are rather expensive, so I wouldn't bother with them unless you are hosting a party and get the special offers. However the selection of fragrances available is phenominal. Unlike many companies you are able to buy your favourite scents in tea light size making them more affordable. I also find the the scents are so strong you can smell them even without lighting them. I leave them around the house, instead of using air fresheners, so when I come after a… Read Full Review

Jackie Dowling's Comment

Written on: 26/04/2010

excellent comment and true about the candles but the holders are fantastic and great quality considering what all the holders are made of they are no more expensive than what you would purchase in the quality high street shops today because thats how partylite base their prices!!what shop gives you money back within 2 weeks if your not happy with your purchase!!! and what shop gives you the easiest incentive to get what you called exspensive free!or a fraction of the price! also partylite products are unique you wont find partylite products on a high street!if you want cheap thats what you will get!!partylite cant be that exspensive considering they are the fourth top direct selling company in the uk reccession certainly hasnt hit parylite

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“The first and second time time I got anything from...”

Written on: 10/05/2009

The first and second time time I got anything from Partylite, it was a gift. So I asked the person that gave them to me to please let me know where she got them. She finally did a book party of her own, so I got to see what there was to offer. I was so excited. that I booked a party of my own in April of 2008. The product was totally new to my family, friends, and co-workers. Needless to say I had a $1400.00. I was able to get $1000.00 worth of product for only $200.00. I had a second party in… Read Full Review

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“PartyLite Candle Party & Candles supply good quality...”

Written on: 27/04/2009

PartyLite Candle Party & Candles supply good quality products. Elegance!! I view PartyLite in the most highest form of quality and elegance… Read Full Review

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“I think partylite candles and accessories are...”

Written on: 16/02/2009 by jojo12345 (1 review written)

I think partylite candles and accessories are excellent. the quality is great and the candle holders double up as other things eg vases etc.

Lindyloo you complain about the fact a percentage of sales is given to the consultant and host etc - it's no different to every other product you buy in a shop - they are ALL marked up in order to pay for the shop costs they are sold in, the staff to work in the shop (incl their sick pay, holiday pay etc) so I don't really know why it upsets you so… Read Full Review

443410_Classie Lassie's Response to jojo12345's Review

Written on: 24/02/2009

I must say I agree, every job has its perks and so if the consultants get to go on a well earned holiday - good for them, they've certainly earned it. I say dont mock it until you've tried it!!!

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“I do not recommend PartyLite because I think it is...”

Written on: 04/01/2009 by lindylooloo (1 review written)

I do not recommend PartyLite because I think it is overpriced. Guests pay for all the things you see in addition to the candles, including the consultants wages, demo kit, conferences and all expenses paid holiday every year, hostesses discount, free gifts for hosting and freebies for games - these are all paid by the guests. On top of that there is the catalogues and the percentage that PartyLite receive and packaging, cost of materials and the list goes on. One reviewer mentioned that it is… Read Full Review

Ddevil226's Response to lindylooloo's Review

Written on: 07/04/2009

I disagree with this review because she has no idea! Consultants pay for their own catalogues ( £10 for 25), and also little giveaways at shows. The boxes are not's what's been inside them that makes them smell!

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Helenhelenhelen's Response to lindylooloo's Review

Written on: 25/03/2010

I agree, I love the Partylite products, and in my opinion, they are the so nice to host. Things like Bodyshop parties are ok but they don't offer anything that you can't get in their shops, but Partylite you can only get from a consultant. Lovely.

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473770_Glenda 123's Response to lindylooloo's Review

Written on: 17/07/2009

In any product that comes to the market there are research costs, marketing costs, retail costs , packaging costs, training, and these costs are passed to the customer( otherwise the company would nevermake any money). As far as ther annual holidays are concerned . these are awarded to the top consultants and unitleaders based on sales and sponsering and are a reward for hard work and dedication. Approx 100 out of 3000 uk consultants went this year, so I would say that every person who goes ( myself included) worked damned hard for their place.Most companies reward their top sales consultants, infact this pales into insignificance when you compare it to the bonus's some of the bankers get in As far as price is concerned many people are prepared to pay the extra to get the quality. I you want a cheap candle that doesn't smell apart from paraffin, burn with a sooty flame and burn down the middle wasting most of the wax , then poundland will fit the bill. Have you ever wondered why people pay a fortune for a prada handbag or designer watch? its because they are getting good quality. Unfortunately there will always be people who aren't able to spot anything of quality and always want the cheapest and thats fine in which case either don't go to a Partylte candle party , or just buy a box of tealight an spot the difference

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“PartyLite Candles are amazing the scent lasts in the...”

Written on: 13/12/2008 by Melly1 (1 review written)

PartyLite Candles are amazing the scent lasts in the candle until it burns out and you burn about 98% of the candle. All there candles last 8 hours or more to burn. The Candle holders are all hand made and tested so that it can stand the heat from the candle. They have the best scents. The list goes on and on. Their hostess program is the best, get $250 or more and recieve 25% in free product of your choice plus 1/2 price items, and more specials to choose from. If you host the party its your… Read Full Review

Black Ghost 7's Response to Melly1's Review

Written on: 18/12/2008

I'm sure you have hosted parties many times before and that's obviously why you love this so much. Read my review and the comments below it for a bit more of balanced opinion. My conclusion: using PartyLite is not an informed choice, it is being persuaded by glossy magazines and getting the feeling you are being luxurious.

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“I love party lite, i host shows all the time and just...”

Written on: 21/11/2008

I love party lite, i host shows all the time and just did one, i get really good deals everytime i do one, i make out with all kinds of stuff, i just did my x-mas shopping for 3 people and it cost me about 20 bucks… Read Full Review

Melly1's Comment

Written on: 19/12/2008

I found this review helpful as I believe she is right.

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“My wife has hosted a PartyLite Candle Party and has...”

Written on: 08/09/2008 by Black Ghost 7 (139 reviews written)

My wife has hosted a PartyLite Candle Party and has visited a few before and after. My wallet has shrunk that's for sure and I can't say we always got good value for money. The sales talk of the brochures is good, smooth and appealing but not all the candles lived up to the hype. You can earn an OK commission from hosting a party, but then you spend that on all the stuff around it. The other issue is that once you get into the hosting/visiting cycle its hard to get out without upsetting people… Read Full Review

411267_Janieplops8's Response to Black Ghost 7's Review

Written on: 20/10/2008

in respect of your comments re partylite accesories and candles, i trust that you and your wife have experienced the burntime of partylite candles??now compare them to Ikea candles.example tealights from partylite burn 5 plus hours depending on the colour of the wax.darker wax burns almost 6 hours.also cheaper tealights can leave a soot marks on products,partylite candles dont.up to you whether you want quality or cheap??? cheap works out expensive ,believe me,tried and for the accesories,again buy Ikea products,but again you pay for what you get and partylite is quality and co ordinates with your home as there is something for everyone....

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469357_Victorialms's Response to Black Ghost 7's Review

Written on: 26/06/2009

I wen to a partylite house party for the 1st time. I purchased close to $70.00 in candles. I thought they would be great and better then Yankee according to our Party Lite Rep. I should have listened to my husband and not gotten anything.
<br/>When they arrived I lit the one of the favorites I purchaed. BOY WAS I DISAPPPOINTED. I could not even smell the candle after following the instructions. I do not think they have a better quality candle then Yankee. I am working on returning my entire order. Like somone else stated. I want to be able to smell the candle in the whole house, no only when I was up to it. Do not let the pressure of going to a Party LIte House Party obligate you to purchase.

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Black Ghost 7's Response to Black Ghost 7's Review

Written on: 16/05/2009

Clearly Black Ghost is a customer, not a host and would never be one ... clearly Candlelite lights your fire, it doesn't light mine ... overpriced, overhyped and typical 'look at me, I'm posh' ...

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Candlegirl1's Response to Black Ghost 7's Review

Written on: 01/05/2009

Clearly, BlackGhost does not understand the Partylite hosting benefits. I can host one good party per year and earn enough candles and gifts to last me until my next hosted party. The only thing I ever pay is sales tax and a flat shipping fee ($4). I get to visit/shop with my friends in a relaxed enviroment. Everybody wins. BTW, my walls would be black, I would have spent half a day in travel time, etc and risked my family's well being (lead wicks, etc) had I purchased my candles at IKEA. No thanks.

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Millyscandles's Response to Black Ghost 7's Review

Written on: 28/02/2009

Hey Black ghost!
<br/>First I want to say that I AM a Consultant with Partylite..with that said my comment is that First I must really apologize to you for your experience with your consultant. She/he are not doing their job correctly if they have exhausted your friends and family. There are really very many ways to avoid creating such a loop of parties that circulate amongst the same group of friends/family. As for the green comment I would like to say that our plastic tealight holders are 100% recyclable and we encourage our customers to please make use of that fact. On the quality, well I can only say that it is a matter of opinion. Our candles are eco friendly, meaning that no harmful chemicals of ANY kind go into their making. Also our candles are made here in the USA. You cannot say the same for the majority of other brands out on the market today. Every one has the right to have an opinion and any true consultant will value that opinion whether it is positive or negative. I get the sense that there is some misinformation though. I apologized because it is very typical that a new consultant or even an overly ambitious one can mislead, misinform and outright pressure customers such as yourself. It is OUR job to schedule parties with your friends and no one should ever be made to feel like they "must" give us referrals.
<br/>I do have to say that your comment about home parties is inaccurate. Our company does not allow the product we sell to be sold in stores because in all honesty...well if you could get it in the store the likelihood that I would stay in business is very slim. We offer a product, create a demand for it by making it available only through home shows. It keeps us in business. Yes it is a business tactic and it works. I am not trying to change your mind about Partylite, I just want you to be aware that unfortunately like any other business, we do have our share of inexperienced/overzealous and sometimes even down right pushy consultants that shouldn't be doing this business. Wishing you the best!
<br/>Milly :)

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Rolymo's Response to Black Ghost 7's Review

Written on: 03/01/2009

im afraid i have to agree with Black Ghost 7 on this one, party lite has been doing the rounds amongst my group of friends for over a year now and i have been to a fair few parties. I was impressed with the sales patter - the glossy brochure and their range of products.<br/><br/> i have to say though i was disappointed in the candles. i agree they last longer than the cheap supermarket candles - but the strength of the scents is a bit of a let down. i like to be able to actually smell the aroma from a scented candle whilst i am sat in the same room -most of the time i cannot.<br/><br/> i find the burn can be uneven too -and find they tend to burn one side more than the other -my host informed me that i should be turning the candle every hour to stop this happening -which tbh is a bit of a caddle.<br/> <br/>the price of the candles is quite high to -but the accessories i find way over priced, and wonder why they can afford such a high discount to the hostess of the party.<br/><br/>its not only my opinion -but that of quite a few of my friends also, and as already mentioned we feel obliged to attend these parties. there is also rather a lot of pressure put on you to nominate a friend to host another party - you are given a form to complete and you must put down 3 friends names and contact details -i have handed these back on a couple of occasions without filling them in -only to be told i must complete them.<br/><br/>i agree the quality of the candles and accessories is probably very good - but i feel that you could get the same quality for less money elsewhere .<br/><br/>i was a Yankee candle user before party lite -and will continue to be so, as im afraid party lite was not up to my expectations -and judging by the amount of party lite products at my local car boot sale over the past few months im not the only one to think so !

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Black Ghost 7's Response to Black Ghost 7's Review

Written on: 19/12/2008

I'm flattered you thanked me for my opinion, however, it is safe to say you don't agree, which is fine. Nevertheless, I will not leave it at this since I feel quite strongly about this and contrary to what you assume, I'm not the only one, in fact this whole PartyLite candle thing 'burnt out' amongst our friends and acquaintances because most people felt they were taken for a ride and pricked right through the glossy sales rubbish. <br/><br/>Why you mention the allen keys and particleboard I don't know. My IKEA candles never came with either of them, so lets just agree that such comments are quite possible useless and slightly patronising for sure. The same goes for your comment about my wife, quite a strong opinion to have when you have met neither of us. However, your attitude allows me to be slightly more blunt, so forgive me if I take that opportunity.<br/><br/>Mentioning and interpreting the value for money issue as you have done is dumb to be blunt. I get value for money at IKEA because for just over 3 pounds I get 48 candles.They might not fully burn out, but as it is they last us the duration of the night quite well. They smell lovely, in fact, our bedroom smells of them even when they don't burn. The reason it is value for money is because we get a good balance between price, quality and longevity. With PartyLite you might get the longevity and arguably on some products you get the quality too, however when it comes to the price, this is disproportionate. As I said before in another comment, even if they lasted twice as long as IKEA candles (they don't), when you pay &pound;9 for 12 (cheaper range) that still means you pay over twice the price ( &pound;9) for half the candles (24) you would get at IKEA. Simple maths to me and since the quality doesn't justify paying more than twice as much for half the quantity it does not represent value for money!<br/><br/>Please don't assume we're just cheapskates. My wife and me buy quality products all the time. We choose to spend more on good quality (organic) meat and veg from local suppliers, enjoy good quality wine and are prepared to pay a premium when it represents true quality and supports fair trade deals, both at home and abroad. However, we do this for a variety of well thought of and deliberate reasons. In this frame of mind we approached Candle Lite and we found it wasn't worth the premium by far and so we decided not to use it. Consequently I formed my opinion that PartyLite appeals to people because it fools them into thinking they can buy luxury and feel upmarket.<br/><br/>Part of my professional responsibilities include research and with that in mind I sincerely doubt you are doing the correct and appropriate research and remain of the opinion that you have an interest in promoting PartyLite. With regards to the 100% Green claims I wonder how the plastic cups that PartyLite tealights come in are green?

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Melly1's Response to Black Ghost 7's Review

Written on: 19/12/2008

Mr. Black Ghost,
<br/>Thank you for your opinion. I did read your comments from others, and It looks like your the only one disappointed in partylite. I have bought Ikea candles, cheap! its great! but don't last very long, they don't make my house smell nice and they always have a lot of wax left over that can't be burned. Plus they have lead in the wicks and you can't recycle the metal containers.
<br/>I am an average person living on a budget. But I like to get value out of the things I buy, so I buy things that will last. Its really funny that your comparing this product to a company that uses particle board and allen keys. lol ..I can't even comment more on that.
<br/>Its really not the glossy magazine and getting the feeling of being luxourios. Its really their product is that good.
<br/>To me its your wife's hand in your pocket, that has gotten to you.
<br/>I think you should thank your wife for buying quality products, that are recyclable and long lasting. If you are having a problem
<br/>with some of the candles burning ,you can get information on how to burn the candles so you get the most out of them.
<br/>Yes of course the rep at the party want to get some guest to host a party. I don't know about your wife's friends, but I wouldn't expect her to come and buy more candles after having a party. My friends know at least 10 people that I don't. You can say no, with out hurting feelings.
<br/>I did have a green party and that was Partylite. ..100% recyclable
<br/>..and no I don't work for partylite..I just research what I am buying.

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Black Ghost 7's Response to Black Ghost 7's Review

Written on: 20/11/2008

Ow and I forgot to respond to the end of your comment. The last time I went to IKEA I found loads of different accessories and I could coordinate them with whatever room I have. Furthermore if I did fail to find anything at IKEA, there would be other shops with different ranges and styles. Whatever option I would pick, they all would work out significantly cheaper. I'm sorry, but your comment does not make sense to me. My opinion remains: using PartyLite is not an informed choice, it is being persuaded by glossy magazines and getting the feeling you are being luxurious.

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Black Ghost 7's Response to Black Ghost 7's Review

Written on: 20/11/2008

We did compare the burntime of these so called amazing candles. They lasted perhaps slightly longer but in my opinion the claims of utopia regarding the longevity of this product were overstated and quite frankly incorrect. <br/><br/>My wife, in a self confessed moment of madness, purchased 12 tealights at a cost of &pound;4. Compare this to &pound;1.99 for 25 at Morrisons and 48 for &pound;3.50 at IKEA. The burntime issue certainly doesn't work out cost effective. For example they would have to burn over 4 times as long as the IKEA candles, they don't, in fact the don't even achieve a burning time for twice as long. <br/><br/>PartyLite surely must be a great night, but in this world of commercialism the people who will enjoy this the most are of course the PartyLite reps and people higher up the company chain. PartyLite products in my opinion are expensive, well marketed products of a standard quality that do not reflect true value for money.<br/><br/>Furthermore I have asked myself the question why this company trades solely through house based parties. Apart from the obvious answer of not having to buy/rent premises and the fact that the host usually provides food and drink at their own cost, I can only suggest that these parties also ensure a certain amount of profit from the fact that visitors to these parties will feel obliged to at least purchase something or host their own party out of respect to the host, who then gets commission.<br/><br/>These parties have now 'died' out in our friends and family circle as quite frankly people got bored of the same not true value for money stuff at high prices. I'm sorry if my answer doesn't excite you, however, I feel from your comment that you yourself might be involved with PartyLite somehow and consequently I cannot blame you for disagreeing.

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