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Asked by snelsen on 27th February 2014 Report this content
How can I contact jacquie lawson in order to question why they have cashed my check? Dated Feb. 9 and cashed trough my bank on Feb. 13,for renewed membership , yet are notifying me that my membership has expired? Nothing I have tried allows me to make a more personal contact in order to straighten this out. Also, I paid $18 as per the company information. However, the last renewal /expiration notice says it is only $12. Please, please, please a contact that can help would be helpful.

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Answers (5)
Report this content ForGoodDesign Written on: 28/02/2014
According to another review here, the company was bought by American Greeting and since then the customer service has tanked. I suggest that you contact your bank, though it may be too late to get your money back. I don't know what we can do to stop dishonest companies from ripping us off. There don't seem to be any laws to protect us any more. Good luck.
Report this content neville123 Written on: 28/02/2014
Dear Mr/Mrs Nelsen, I wish I could help you. Since I removed Jacquie Lawson from my life, I also deleted all e-mails from the company. They were pretty useless as if sent by an automatom. The other reply mentions American Greeting. One option is to try & contact them. The other is to contact the source that you paid through. If it was Visa for example, try and put a stop on the payment (reverse the payment). If that happens, then there is a chance that their customer service dept may try & contact you. Sorry I could not help further.
Report this content Lynda59 Written on: 28/02/2014
I had some trouble with them in 2012. I wrote several emails, at first I was getting just automated replies but in the end I am afraid I wrote a really strong email in Red and In capital letters. I advised them I was keeping all records as evidence and would take it further, if necessary, to ensure my matter was resolved. I also informed them that I was using review forums and suggested they read the comments. Someone came back to me in response to this email and he did resolve my problem. In fairness I have renewed again - but I do not use the automatic renewal system. I probably will not renew with them again as they still seem to be ignoring their on-going issues. Hope this helps.
Report this content nessa35 Written on: 28/02/2014
This company seems to have made it impossible for clients to contact them when a payment problem arises. I have paid for a subscription about a year ago using PayPal I have tried all i could to contact them but to no avail. Since I live in Australia, the only thing I did not try is phone them. It is absolutely wrong for a company that charges a fee for its services not to provide a means of communication. Actually, I believe it should be made illegal. I have not pursed the matter with PayPal due to the small amount involved. I have accepted my financial loss and have no intention to try to resolve the issue. I have simply gone elsewhere for my e card needs. Should i be requested by anyone to give an opinion on their customer service, it will certainly be very negative. Complete waste of time and money.
Report this content historyperson Written on: 05/03/2014
Agree with the previous reviewers answering this. I even searched UK telephone directories for a telephone number without success HOWEVER, I did succeed in getting a refund on my subscription in January which had been deducted twice, by persist e-mailing and threatening them with action by the credit card company. I have fully cancelled my subscription. I'm just waiting to see my latest statement before I hoot too loudly to make sure that they do not try and take anything else now that I have my money back! If like me you do not have time to keep repeating the story or responding to non-sensical message they send, I just kept re-sending my message. I had it set up to just copy and paste the same message every day just changing the heading to reflect the number of the reminder we were on e.g Third reminder as no action taken, fourth reminder etc. Not sure if I was lucky or they just got fed up with me but hang on in there. Good luck.
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