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Written on: 09/09/2017 by Wotme (1 review written)

The woman we booked with said your covered for more money & more for valuables stolen and less excess to pay if you upgrade, so we did, but SHE never said monies were not covered unless you had it on your person or it was in a safety deposit box.... How many homes have one of those?? The Villas we stayed in with safes could be broken into with ease... A secure gated Villa is much safer than an easily broken into locked cupboard in a home or apartment, which some insurers apparently accept, or a cheap safe thieves can break into easily..... We stayed in a Villa with security gates on Doors and Grills on windows, so more safe than a cheap safe usually in rentals without security gates etc.... Nor did she say valuables had to have receipts even when they were gifts from years ago.... WHO HAS OR KEEPS RECEIPTS FOR 40 YEARS for items THAT WERE GIFTS? ....
We went out for 3 hours then on return found the back door security gate, and the door open and damaged as result of breakin the lock barrel had been taken out and was missing, and we had been robbed of all our monies wallets valuables from the hand luggage/man bags etc we had packed ready to take to the airport the next morning, as its safer to put A bag through security checkin than put loose wallets jewelry etc through,,, as one man had his stolen one year as his tray was sent down before he was there to collect it...But bet insurance didn't pay as he didn't have them on him at the time ehh ........After being told by STAYSURE that photos of proof of wearing the items would be OK,,, which we sent of us wearing them on many previous holidays,,,, as we didn't have receipts for presents from 10 25 and 40 years AGO and they said to send in receipts for what we had,,, They have now sent letters saying they could only pay £50 per item for un receipted items stolen upto £250,, yet we had sent the receipt for a £300 Gold pendant.... So for over £4500 of money and items stolen we got £359 back from staysures insurance mayday claims... SO please people don't think your covered even though you've paid for insurance,,,, ask EVERY SILLY QUESTION RE TRAVEL INSURANCE,, and what your covered for AND NOT??? and THE why's & how's & when's & if's and but's etc...take all day getting questions answered,PLEASE... as they will put out that a huge % of THEIR claims are settled..... BUT THIS TO US IS NOT SETTLED TO OUR SATISFACTION. Nor most likely are much of the % of claims they claim are settled...... DO NOT BE FOOLED!!! they have loopholes to get out of paying anything at all,,,, or pay YOU very little,,, we paid over £70 for the policy, not worth it in our opinion.... We had really mainly wanted to know we were covered for accidents, as we are always careful to ensure we have a safe or a secured Villa to leave our things in WHICH MAYDAY CLAIMS VIA STAYSURE say they deem a LOCKED AND SECURITY GATED AND WINDOW SECURITY GRILLED VILLA NOT AS GOOD AS A CHEAP SAFE apparently.... Most home insurance policies even cover theft from the home of your cash,,,, yet travel insurances manage to wriggle out of paying even IN THAT SCENARIO...

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