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Asked by StrandedInbangkok on 16th February 2014 Report this content
Booked a holiday on Thomas cook website to chaing mai Thailand yesterday and guess what it turns out to be with flexitrips. Then found out our flights only go to bangkok, it's about 600 miles away from chaing mai. Anybody else have problems like us?

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Answers (3)
Report this content daveovacik Written on: 17/02/2014
Hello my friend, well my experience with Thomas Cook is not the same as yours but I can tell you this much, Thomas Cook do not care one iota about you the customer and will do nothing to compensate or even apologies for the dilemma you find yourself in. My personal experience with the atrocious Thomas Cook was this. My partner and I booked a holiday to the Maldives and we were delayed one full 24hrs. Thomas Cook when challenged on this straight away blamed Monarch who were the airline Thomas Cook utilized. Alongside this the lies we were told and the avoidance of responsibility by Thomas Cook can only be described as disgraceful. We were told lies like: if we (Thomas Cook)had a spare aircraft we would have flown the flight there ourselves...the problem with this lie was that Thomas Cook did not have a license to fly to the Maldives hence the use of Monarch. It also transpired that our seats were being taken by the previous evenings flight as they were delayed too. The other lies were: Our aircraft had received damage in flight and had to be repaired and another that there were storms in America that needed extra aircraft to fly holiday makers home, utter and total lies. When I pointed out to Thomas Cook it was they to whom we purchased our holiday from and not Monarch they came back with the small print, oh yes the good old get out card, the small print. All I can say to you is that I am sorry to hear of your troubles my friend and good luck to you with your dealings with Thomas cook.
Report this content Marzipanfruits Written on: 18/02/2014
Not had this problem but I am in the middle of legal case against Thomas Cook (since August 2012).You need firstly to contact TCook to try to rectify the problem.If you get nowhere, you may have a couple of different options available.Firstly, as you booked the holiday over the internet, you may have a very short period in which to cancel the holiday, without charge.I do not know this for certain but there are laws which grant you the ability to cancel purchases and services ordered over the internet within a set number of days (the distance-selling regulations give 7 days for most purchases, financial services often have a longer 'cooling off' period, but holidays may have different rules).Clearly you will need to act fast if you wish to look into this option.Consumer Direct would be the best place to clarify the length of time, if any, you have to cancel.Also, consider how the holiday was paid for.If you paid by Credit Card then the Credit Company must take part legal responsibility for the purchase of the holiday. You will have to try to rectify the problem with TCook first but should then be able to refer the problem to the Credit Card company if it looks like Thomas Cook have not given all the relevant information when you booked. Don't be fobbed off - they have a legal duty to help you if TCook have acted unfairly.Lastly, I think TCook are members of ABTA, a regulatory body, so you could try contacting them for advice or intervention (if not, try TTA or The Global Travel Group).Failing this, seek advice from Consumer Direct.Good luck!
Report this content arnoldthefrog Written on: 20/02/2014
Hi. I'm not surprised by what you are receiving from Thomas Cook. I successfully sued them in April last year 2013 because of an "act of gross misrepresentation", the judges words, not mine. Thomas cook had hidden the information needed at the bottom of the page and then given me a button that enabled me to bypass the information that was so important. Clicking on this button then removed the one chance I had (and this is the important wording) "to make an informed decision". The judge agreed and I received the full cost of the holiday, all court costs and £1000 for the loss of the holiday. This was because I refused to go. If we had gone we would have received the difference between what we expected and what we got, probably the difference between 4* and 3*. Distance selling rules DO NOT apply to package holidays, so once you have paid you are at the mercy of the tour operator. First thing to do is write to Thomas Cook. Don't bother with the customer service cos' the computer will say NO. Write to the CEO.  Explain clearly what the problem is and how you want it to be resolved. Do not bother with ABTA they are there to represent the tour operators interests not yours. If you have paid for the holiday using a credit card, then you can ask them to look into it. You do not have to approach Thomas Cook before you approach you bank. They are both equally and jointly liable for acts of misrepresentation so do not be fobbed of by them either. Take screen shots of everything to prove your case
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