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Asked by drzoidberg1215 on 17th September 2014 Report this content
What are the ages of people who use Fleetway Travel? We are 30 and  I wondered if there was a wide age range or if it was more designed for older people. We were looking to go to Vietnam with them Many thanks. 

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Answers (21)
Report this content Walkley Written on: 18/09/2014
The first time we used Fleetway my wife was 39 and I was 46 years old. She made the bookings. I hope this helps.
Report this content Suttonbank Written on: 18/09/2014
All ages, we met up with a number of prople who were delighted with the deal and they were mostly in their 20's and 39's. John
Report this content sellers34 Written on: 18/09/2014
We booked a flight and hotel with them as a couple so it wasn't a tour. They're really a flight/deal aggregator and don't really run their own tours. They basically act as the middleman and another company will be taking the tour so depending on the tour operator it may be sold through various different channels; some aimed at younger folk, some at older folk potentially. Ask them who the local tour operators are and then post a question on that well known trip site to try and gauge tour demographic.
Report this content daydreamer50 Written on: 18/09/2014
I have to admit I am a bit ancient at 64 but there was a very wide range of people on our trip to Iceland and it was so well organised (right from booking, confirmations, tour info, arrangements within the country)that I have been recommending them to friends and family members of all ages. I suppose the type of holiday you book will be more likely to determine the age range you meet. The actual tours included in the price were not designed specifically for older people, in fact on one of them it was mostly a younger age group 20+ 30+ All in all we had a terrific trip at an amazing price with no travel problems whatsoever. I hope you do the same!
Report this content snowmax Written on: 18/09/2014
Don't know, but I have used them since having children (from my 30's - 50's), so peak season which 30 somethings without children tend to avoid. I'd look at Tripadvisor reviews of places they recommend. If the hotel sounds like what you are looking for, I can't recommend Fleetway highly enough. Knowledgeable and very competitive prices.
Report this content Staceyp Written on: 18/09/2014
Hi I am early 40's but booked a holiday with my two teenage daughters twice. don't think they aim at a specific age group. I use them for the best deals.
Report this content longclough Written on: 18/09/2014
We are in our early sixties, that said the holiday and the service they offered was first class and suitable for all ages.
Report this content Iraj Written on: 18/09/2014
Based on my experience, the is no definitive age group to which Fleetway caters. However certain types of holidays appeal to a particular age group. An all inclusive holiday in remote secluded beach would have different customers to the ones in shared apartments in a drinking and partying resort.
Report this content Goolch54 Written on: 18/09/2014
I was 55 when I used Fleetway, my friend was 40. No problems.... :)
Report this content JimOates Written on: 18/09/2014
Are you sure Fleetway travel to Vietnam? Re your question: we have only travelled within Europe with Fleetway. You choose the hotel and I guess that dictates the age group you will find. The air travel is not chartered and each time we have gone as independent travellers. We have found them very competitive pricewise, yet still helpful and professional. Hope this helps.
Report this content fernie22 Written on: 18/09/2014
Hello. We booked a trip to Egypt (we are in our 50s) but we would have had an equally great time had we been in our 30s! We met people of all ages on our deal-young families, single parents, teenagers, a couple of honeymooners,people in their 20s and 30s, all very happy in the resort. Remember Fleetwood is just a Travel Agency, much like any other, so they are not age-specific. They just put deals together for you. I suggest you choose the type of deal you want,what sort of budget, then ask Fleetwood if they think it's appropriate for your particular needs, eg, tours, resorts,entertainment, etc or better still, they might even come up with ideas you may not have thought of. Hope this helps , and oh, I hope you have a great holiday!
Report this content DJRuby Written on: 18/09/2014
When I have travelled its been varied,
Report this content vjordan Written on: 18/09/2014
I think you would have the same issue with any travel co apart from 18-30! You are going on a fantastic trip, I'm very envious. I'm sure you'll meet up with people of a similar age and outlook. People who are older in years and are visiting Vietnam will be young in heart and spirit, not a trip for those set in their ways. Make sure you have a good camera to record your trip and enjoy the experience!
Report this content Suzieq2 Written on: 18/09/2014
What a difficult question! I am in my 50's my husband 40's and we have a great time wherever we go. I can't really remember ages, or even think of them! A boring person could be 20,30 or 60. Hope you decide to go for the experience and not the age group.... Ps. We had a really good time with them! :)
Report this content shellpick Written on: 18/09/2014
We are 32 and 35 and have used fleetway travel for the past 7 years!!!!! Shell
Report this content JocelineB Written on: 18/09/2014
I have only been to Iceland with Fleetway, and it was a short trip, but the ages were mixed - 50/50 under and over 40, I would say. and they seem to attract a fairly laid-back clientele, so chronological age isn't so important. It certainly wasn't overburdened with old people.
Report this content Guest394 Written on: 19/09/2014
Husband and I (early 60s) went to Portugal last year with Fleetway, but it wasn't a tour. Had a long weekend. Fleetway took care of the arrangements and we travelled as a couple, so no idea of the usual age of their clientele. I would add that there were no problems with their organisation and we'll happily use them again.
Report this content CBR1000rider Written on: 19/09/2014
No idea about the age range (we're 50+) but really don't think it matters. Their service and help in arranging a holiday that we wanted, not what a "brochure" offered, was excellent. I'm sure they would be able to get you what you are looking for.
Report this content 2ndtonunn Written on: 19/09/2014
We're in our 60's and have used them no problems
Report this content CaptCurry Written on: 20/09/2014
Sorry to say I didn't know if any of my fellow travellers had used Fleetway on our last trip. On previous trips the age ranges went from 20 to 70, and we all had a great time. Hope that helps. CaptCurry
Report this content SharmWX Written on: 20/09/2014
We have used Fleetway many times and been completely satisfied with their service. We are in our forties but know from personal experience (a number of our family & friends have acted on recommendations by us) that the whole spectrum of ages from teens to retired people have all been equally satisfied too. We would thoroughly recommend Fleetway - their booking agents are very knowledgeable and can help you to put together whatever you need. Hope this helps.
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