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Asked by sac23dec on 26th April 2015 Report this content
My Wife is a diabetic and we had to pay in full for a flight to the carribean in which we have to transit one hour through canada but my wife has now be refused a visa for 1 hour transit but there is a direct flight to our destination in which we would pay extra for as I dont wish to lose over £2500 or travel seperate can you help as weve saved a long time for this holiday

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Answers (4)
Report this content BWF25 Written on: 27/04/2015
Hello, I can certainly sympathise with your situation. Airlines are not really interested in understanding an individual's problem. Seat capacity rules supreme. However, there are a small number of reputable Travel Agents who will 'go the extra mile' to find flights which do not discriminate against minority clients. Do please study review sites carefully and be bold when contacting them for quotations. Hope this helps? Brian
Report this content Juliehappyholidayer Written on: 27/04/2015
I am also a diabetic but am not quite following why this is affecting your flight plans? She can get diabetic meals on the flight and can take her insulin injections on the plane so it should not be a problem in that regard.
Report this content noeltonkin Written on: 27/04/2015
The question is not clear. If the Canadian airport transit route is all airside and does not involve customs/immigration a visa should not be required. If the flight has to be cancelled there should be a refund of the fare unless "no refund" was the condition of booking a cheap fare (buyer beware). A direct flight will usually cost more. Ask Dial-a-Flight if you booked through them they should be able and willing to answer these questions.
Report this content HarrySC Written on: 28/04/2015
Please give more details, i know some one who might be able to help. Where are you travelling from and where in the Carribean are you travelling to?
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