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Asked by benge48 on 12th March 2014 Report this content
My partner booked our holiday but has subsequently lost the itinerary number. How can we manage our account? Any attempt to contact alpha rooms by phone has a 35 min waiting time!

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Answers (16)
Report this content cokdeli Written on: 13/03/2014
Have you tried the number found on their website in FAQ's? It bypasses the 0871 and maybe quicker but can't promise anything
Report this content marqoos_pl Written on: 13/03/2014
Hi - I had this in the past and the easiest way was to contact them via their Facebook page (wall and also private message). You can also try to email one of their girls.
Report this content CK62A Written on: 13/03/2014
The only help I can give, is an email address, on which I had regular contact with them due to a complaint. It is [removed]
Report this content truckerlyn Written on: 13/03/2014
Firstly, did you book online? If so youir itinerary number should be shown on all confirmation emails from Alpharooms. If you have lost these emails, then not sure what to suggest. I have always printed off all documents from Alpharooms when they have come through, so also have a hard copy. I admit it is frustrating that without the itinerary number you cannot access Your Account, The only suggestion I can make is that you keep trying to call at different times and on different days, if possible, and tell them that contacting them is a huge problem if you have lost your itinerary number and can they look into this and amend their system so that if you have lost this number, then just like forgetting a password, there is a way to get a reminder, Sorry couldn't be more help,
Report this content DW1968 Written on: 13/03/2014
the confirmation emails I received were from [removed] - not sure if this is a non-reply email address, but other than keep phoning (use the "I want to make a new booking" number & maybe they might answer quicker..?), I'm afraid that's all I can think of.
Report this content maurs1 Written on: 13/03/2014
I agree with truckerlyn, but also perhaps you just got a bad day to call them, as I needed to call them and I found them very quick and helpful, as I had not got access to a computer at the time they posted me my documents. Have you tried emailing them.
Report this content bigmerv1973 Written on: 13/03/2014
Again, as stated below - I would also send through an email......check your trash emails if you dont delete them Message to Alpha Rooms : To prevent the above problem you might put in place a system where the customer can actually enter their email address OR internary number and be able to manage their booking
Report this content bettyc Written on: 13/03/2014
Yes again I agree with comments below. Send an email marked urgent. or phone later on in the day when their number would not be so busy. Also try to go through as a new customer. I think all companies respond to new bookings first..... worth a try. Good luck. I have found Alpharooms to be very accommodating.
Report this content Debs30 Written on: 13/03/2014
Did you not receive an email as confirmation as this will have your itinerary number on there. I know it is a pain as you can't even log into your account with your email address as you need your itinerary number.
Report this content Tip14 Written on: 13/03/2014
I never tried to call them, my problem was solved by email. I was confused and forgot which airline I was using. I sent an email to them and had the answer almost by return. From:  Saved: 13 March 2014 12:51:56 To: Continue writing | Delete Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2012 21:14:02 +0000 Subject: Re: customer support request #204787 From:  To: Duh!!! wrote: Dear, Thank you for recent enquiry. Your flight was booked with Thomson fly not Easyjet. You should receive correspondence from them soon. You can also check your booking directly with Thomsonfly using this reference:529888. Should you have any further enquiries please don't hesitate to contact us. kind regards To update us please reply to this email rather than call. This will ensure your problem gets dealt with promptly
Report this content dearnaleymichael Written on: 13/03/2014
Go to Alpharooms home page at the top left click on Menu then click Help, this displays lots of frequent questions and one gives an emergency number, never had cause to use it so don't know what the response is. If you booked online check your bin and spam for confirmation e-mail containing your itinerary number. As a long shot write, find their address on the home page by clicking on contact us down at the bottom left.
Report this content Flying_High Written on: 13/03/2014
All online contact requires an itinerary no, so if you have no way of knowing this no from online communication, then your only way is to contact them by telephone. I would suggest you ring immediately the office opens at 10 am. Also, if you receive emails on your phone and you booked online, you might still have the confirmation there.
Report this content ronniemoss Written on: 13/03/2014
the best thing to do is get on to twitter @alpharooms, then if you give your details e.g where you are going, date and name and ask them to email you a copy of your itinery. the customer service response on twitter is quite quick
Report this content thtselenta Written on: 16/03/2014
The easiest way is to Mail them or call them
Report this content the_pink_teddy Written on: 17/03/2014
Try calling them. I don't know if it will be any quicker but at least it wont cost you a fortune. Also try emailing them.  Hope this helps!
Report this content Melwelchy Written on: 29/01/2015
What documents do I need to print for my hotel booking please?
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