The Trampoline That Doesn't Bounce

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Guest's review of iJumpUSA Olympus Pro

iJumpUSA Olympus Pro

“The Trampoline That Doesn't Bounce”

Written on: 07/05/2013

We purchased this $2200+ trampoline (price has recently increased to $2700+) from Trampoline Jumpers after doing extensive research into the type of trampoline that would be best for our growing family as well as the reliability of the company itself. This was the only website we were able to find that had any sort of reviews on the Olympus Pro Trampoline. We took into consideration all of the reviews on this website prior to making our purchase, even though this website appears to be based in the UK (?) and we live in the States and the trampoline company itself is based in the United States. Everyone on this website seems to have purchased their Olympus Pro trampoline through trampoline Jumpers or iJump, which are one in the same company.

At the time we purchased our trampoline, Trampoline Jumpers had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and most of the reviews on the trampoline itself were very positive, so we decided to take the plunge and splurge on this trampoline as a family Christmas present. If we were to go into detail as to what has transpired since our purchase, it would fill a small book, so we will briefly sum up things here:
1) Trampoline was supposed to be delivered in 2 days but got "lost" by UPS for over a week.
2) When trampoline was finally delivered, it was mostly un-boxed with pieces and parts strewn all over the place. Should have refused delivery, but the delivery person did not give us that option. Instead, they wrote on the receipt that the "trampoline was delivered unboxed with parts or pieces most likely missing" and seemed to imply that we would have to take this up with the trampoline company.
3) After calling Trampoline Jumpers immediately and sending them pictures, we were told to let them know what parts were missing and they would send out replacements. Great!
4) Received missing pieces, set up trampoline just in time for Christmas. Were initially very impressed with the great size of the mat (we purchased the 14' x 16'), the quality of the frame (very sturdy), and the quality of the mats. It really is a nice-looking, good quality trampoline.
5) All excitement on Christmas morning soon fizzled, as the trampoline had no bounce. huh? My young children were crying and saying "The trampoline doesn't work!!!" My husband, just standing in the middle of the mat, depressed it half way to the floor. Scary. There were wrinkles in the mat itself. Something just wasn't right. But we liked everything else about the trampoline and really wanted to keep it, but it would sure be nice if it bounced! (isn't that the point?)
6) Called Trampoline Jumpers and emailed their warranty dept/customer service dept, asking for help. No response.
7) Finally had to report the company to the Better Business Bureau, hoping to get their attention. This seemed to work. Received a phone call the next day from a gentleman, stating that they had tried to contact us and left messages. Um, not true. We have a phone that is smarter than we are and gmail, that keeps track of all messages. If the company is going to lie about something small like this, they immediately lose credibility in our book. We're really not trying to be pain in the necks. We just want what we paid for: a trampoline that bounces.
8) Company stated that the Olympus Pro is SUPPOSED to have a soft center and we were just complaining because our children were too light to make it work right. Very frustrating, because even an adult jumping on it can't "make it work right". The thing is a dud. We'd just like it to function like a trampoline please.
9) To get us and the Better Business Bureau off their back, company offered to send us shorter springs. We were very grateful for the goodwill offer.
10) Received the springs and put them on. The shorter springs did indeed pull the mat tighter (no visible wrinkles anymore in the mat) and an adult standing in the middle of the trampoline no longer sunk into a pit while standing in the middle. However, the bounce factor was still mediocre. Everyone who jumps on the trampoline automatically gravitates to a corner and jumps where the mat is pulled the tightest. Everyone avoids the "soft center", regardless of age or weight.
11) Upon closer inspection, the mat itself appears to be damaged and have brittle spots that look like melted areas. Not thrilled about this. Most definitely did not happen while in our possession, as we set up the trampoline indoors.
12) We tried contacting the company again to say that there still appeared to be a problem with our trampoline because it still didn't bounce too well. We're not looking to launch ourselves or our children into outer space. We'd just like a trampoline that does what it is intended to do: provide bounce. We received no reply from Trampoline Jumpers yet again and had to make yet another complaint to the better business bureau. We requested that Trampoline Jumpers pick up this disaster and refund us our money. Trampoline Jumpers refused.
13) We are now stuck with a very expensive, mediocre trampoline and stuck dealing with Trampoline Jumpers for all future warranty issues if something should go awry down the road. We have little confidence that they will honor their mat warranty if need be in the future on our damaged mat, even though we have documented the problem with pictures and filed it with the BEtter Business Bureau.
14) The biggest annoyance has been being told by the company repeatedly that the Olympus Pro is SUPPOSED to have a soft center, so that snowboarders and the like can practice their tricks and experience a soft landing in the middle of the trampoline. Why in the world would anyone want to purchase a trampoline with a "soft center"? Sadly, the whole thing is so soft that there is no way any snowboarder could even get air on the trampoline to begin doing tricks. It's all just kind of ridiculous and very disappointing.

We have never written a review for anything online, but felt compelled to publicly share our experience with those considering the purchase of an Olympus Pro trampoline (at least the 14' x 16', which is the only size we have personal experience with). We really wanted to be counted among the large number of reviewers on this site who love this trampoline and state that 'it's the best bouncing trampoline ever!' Sadly, that has not been our experience at all. According to Trampoline Jumpers, if you want a trampoline with no bounce and a "soft center", then this is the trampoline for you!

Even more regrettable has been Trampoline Jumpers questionable customer service. It's quite possible that we just got a dud - a lemon. If so, then it seems they would try whatever they could to help us make the situation right instead of just stopping at replacing the springs and then throwing their hands up,implying that we are too picky, and then refusing to talk to us. We really like everything else about the trampoline and really don't want to go through the hassle of dismantling the entire thing to return it, either. But TrampolineJumpers, please stop telling us that the problem lies solely with the weight of our small children (a 2 and 3 year old at 40 lbs and under), even after we have given you several examples (and pictures and videos) of problems using the trampoline by 210 lb men, 160 lb women, etc, etc.

To sum up, we would be cautious when ordering this trampoline in case a) you also get a lemon or b) it really is just a dud of a trampoline with a "soft center"(translation: No Bounce). If you decide to take your chances and purchase this trampoline, we would highly recommend purchasing it from a company OTHER than Trampoline Jumpers/iJump.

To review Trampoline Jumpers / iJump with the BEtter Business Bureau, you can go here: If there is record of an unresolved complaint, that would be ours.

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Getitdonekristi's Comment

Written on: 15/06/2013

I also splurged on the same trampoline for my 3 children. After reading reviews, I had expected it would provide just the perfect place for my 9 year-old to practice and perfect his tumbling off ground.
We paid for the company to come and professionally install it so there would be no questions as to whether we had done it properly or not.
Needless to say, as you learned, no matter what, the trampoline has NO BOUNCE! My son could barely get enough bounce for an easy back-flip. We never felt safe to allow him to practice any twisting flips.
The safety latches of the opening broke within the first 6 months, rendering it extremely dangerous for my 2 and 7 year-olds.
4 years later now and the sun and weather have practically disintegrated all of the pads and large holes have formed at the base of the net near the pads allowing the kids to fall through to the ground... the net was never as strong as advertised.
I'm moving to a new house and doing my trampoline reviews with a lot more experience and criticism before I buy again.

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Dude46's Comment

Written on: 11/12/2013

Again, this makes no sense. The website trampolinesafety did a video review of the olympus pro and you can see the guy jumping perfectly well on it. This company doesn't recommend the trampoline but not because of no bounce. Believe me, I want to believe you but you might be better off taking a video and putting it on youtube to show us what you mean as that would definitely convince me that there is simply no bounce in this product.

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Targetharris's Comment

Written on: 12/12/2013

Thanks for posting your experience. I was about to pull the trigger on this one but I think we might just go with a better brand. The last thing I want is a huge headache with this thing.

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Dude46's Comment

Written on: 11/12/2013

I looked up the BBB and found zero complaints lodged against them in the past three years. Can you post the complaint?

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Disappointed321's Comment

Written on: 13/12/2013

Yep, you are right. I just looked up trampoline jumpers via the BBB and it does not mention my unresolved complaint. I guess the BBB's credibility just took a nosedive in my book, too. If I cared enough about this whole thing, I would follow up with the BBB. But since they were virtually worthless in helping me resolve my original problem, neither company is worth more of my time. All the best in your search for a decent trampoline.

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Dancat's Comment

Written on: 14/12/2013

I BELIEVE The BBB can be purchased, can basically pay for a higher rating, regardless of any complaints, so they no longer hold the same value. I do not know specifics, but know I saw a special on one of the nighttime news reports awhile ago exposing their new business practices. Maybe its changed for the better since then..I do not know. I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to find info on google. I wish I found these reviews before Nov 22 - I ordered from, which is also the same as (which someone above said is also the same as ijump. They use a company named American Global Enterprise as their shipping corporation (at least for happy trampoline and trampoline jumpers. Even though happy trampoline shows the UPS logo and offers free ship on its website, it really hired a company called Unishippers, which is an agency that hires 3rd party shippers for this company (at a much lower rate, with much poorer service) Long story short...its dec 13 and i have no trampoline. The ship company, Central Transport (soon to be merged) is a disaster from start to finish, at least the one in Lawrenceville, NJ. Anyway, when I got nowhere with them, i went back to Happy Trampoline who loved to listen to himself talk, make up the most outrageous stories but also refused to send me a new trampoline via UPS. He finally offered to send one with another 3rd party shipper, but I had wasted too much time to take a chance on anyone other than UPS. He insisted that it was impossible, so I called Unishippers (the agency he hired to find the 3rd party). They gave authorization, only to receive an email from them at Happy Trampoline telling them to cancel the order and not ship out a new one. They told her that they emailed me (they did NOT ever email me) and that they were refunding my money (not back in my account yet). He actually said he was cutting HIS comical. So i'll have to wait 10-12 days for a refund, at best..and just may file legal suit for the loss of money from missed work and paid babysitters sitting for over a week waiting for a shipment that everyone promises is on a truck, yet never makes it to my house. I would never recommend this company or any of its subsidiaries. They all have different websites with different names, phone numbers and addresses, yet when you call any of the 800 numbers the automated system with options are the same. Option 4 for contact and location info gives an automated voice message stating the address, but it does not match the written address provided on the website. If it wasn't so frustrating it would be funny. They'll just have to keep making up new companies and new names to stay in business...seems like everyone has the same stories...

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