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Asked by winifred12 on 1st May 2014 Report this content
I emailed them on Monday about the geranium offer in the Sunday post but I have had no reply. I tried everything to get the order, what should I do next?

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Answers (8)
Report this content Wilyconsumer Written on: 01/05/2014
T & M are awful to deal with and their plants are rather poor nowadays. When I had a problem this person was the only one who was helpful.
Report this content Tomhip Written on: 01/05/2014
My advice is to have nothing to do with them you will not get anywhere with them they are completely ignorant the only speed they show is when taking your money sorry to be so negative but to save hassle just do not get involved with this company
Report this content chrisbk Written on: 01/05/2014
Buy from another supplier - unless you have unlimited time to waste trying to contact them. I gave up on them a year ago.
Report this content thincat Written on: 01/05/2014
Personally I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole. I had a lot of failed plants, seeds which didn't germinate and late deliveries (or total lack of delivery)from them. I did eventually through a lot of persistence get my money back on my last order after phoning them - emails can be ignored too easily. For geraniums you'll get good quality ones at a certain well known DIY store at a reasonable price.
Report this content Surferdud Written on: 01/05/2014
I emailed them this time last year when they were running a similar offer. Still waiting for a reply. I had bits of my order missing and dead. I would say avoid at all costs. They run these offers but do not have enough customer service staff to deal with it.
Report this content ifonly Written on: 01/05/2014
They are not worth wasting your time on. I used Real Seeds Catalogue ( after T&M failed to fulfil my order last year and they are really good.
Report this content Irmgard Written on: 01/05/2014
Thompson & Morgan have the worst customer service of any company I heave ever had dealings with. I would never use them again after I had to wait for 18 month to receive a tree that I paid for on placing the order. I would advise you to not use them as you will be better off in the long run by purchasing your geranium from a different supplier, even if you have to pay a little more for them.
Report this content MaStrange Written on: 02/05/2014
DO NOT ORDER. You will only tear your hair out trying to get what you want. Go to the local garden centre instead as you have some redress if the plant fails and there are friendly people to talk to.
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