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Asked by margarettait2 on 28th January 2015 Report this content
Why can't we get through to customer services? They have given me a phone number but no one to talk to. 

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Answers (5)
Report this content Paul230 Written on: 29/01/2015
Google "amazon contact us", and see what it comes up with.
Report this content BWF25 Written on: 29/01/2015
Sorry but my experience does prove that Amazon rates profit over morality.
Report this content jasondunlop Written on: 29/01/2015
Google "Amazon LiveChat." You should get the answers you require pretty quickly. I'd have to disagree with BWF25, as I find Amazon customer services the best in the country....
Report this content nanicholi Written on: 30/01/2015
Customer services on most global business (including Amazon) have the service because they are obliged by regulations, not because they want to offer it. As an obligation as little time and money as possible is allocated to this division of the business. To better achieve their goal they use diversion and camouflage. The diversion consists on hiding clear support by using the words "support and help" and then sending you in a wild goose chase. Where possible they will send you to the manufacturer site and wash their hands of you. Camouflage is used by using confusing language which doesn't necessarily mean what it says but if you were to use a Thesaurus you would find that indeed the term used has another obscure meaning relating to what you want. Dishearten many a customer will give up and be soft enough to return to buy something else. Personally I am finished with Amazon. Now they even charge you for the right to privacy on Kindle and they call it discount. Fernando
Report this content nanicholi Written on: 30/01/2015
Jasondunlop, Are you serious? Why didn't I think of that? If I want an answer to an Amazon business problem go to Google Brilliant???????????????? Fernando
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