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Asked by MarinaMorley22 on 18th January 2015 Report this content
I have 10 or more of their lovely woollens, I have been very pleased with the quality and of the wash and wear, but the last cardigan bought for Christmas doesn't seem so good for a start it pilled after only one wear, I know this can be normal, so used their little gadget for removing. Then washed it by hand as I always do, but I'm afraid it has stretched quite a bit and is now too big, I would some help please?

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Answers (7)
Report this content ahs1953 Written on: 19/01/2015
As with any knitted garment, after washing, it must be dried flat. If hung by, say, a coat-hanger, the weight of the moisture will cause stretching, particularly if made with a loose knit. Hopefully, if the item is washed again and dried flat, the fibres will tighten up again. Also, as advised by Woolovers, their garments are sized generously, so best to get the next size down than what you usually wear. Hope this helps.
Report this content gizmo456 Written on: 19/01/2015
I've had same problem with one sweater pilling but it has kept it's shape. The others I have are all fine, disappointing.
Report this content Maximillian Written on: 19/01/2015
I wash all my cardigans in net bags and find that they keep their shape well. My favourites are the silk and cotton long cardigans but I have all the colours in this more limited range now. I have had some 'bobbling' with some of the lambswool cardigans but it seems to relate to colour I.e. all the blues but not camel or cream. I note your comments about the pile comb and I must order one, thank you.
Report this content stickemup Written on: 19/01/2015
I bought a pullover in summer but did not wear it until winter. It quickly pilled, and even a gentle exploratory tug on a pill caused the stitches to unknit as if they were not locked. By this time 6 months had passed. I asked the MD for a refund but got neither refund nor even an acknowledgement of my observations. The motto "Buy cheap, buy twice" comes to mind and I shall never buy anything from Woolovers ago.
Report this content Ejrigby Written on: 19/01/2015
I think you should contact the supplier as they are very concerned when an item is not up to their usual standards and appreciate customers contacting them when they experience problems. I always wash my woollens on the wool wash in my washing machine and then dry indoors on a standard clothes drier with no problems. I do sometimes experience pilling but find when I iron the garment the problem is overcome. I have never used their 'de-fuzz' gadget.
Report this content SusanH67 Written on: 19/01/2015
If I were you I would contact the company. I have several items from them and they have all washed well. Give them a chance to rectify your problem.
Report this content ritaf Written on: 23/01/2015
Hi! I like woolovers garment and wash them by hand. But this summer there was very interesting experience. After vacation trip my favorite cashmere - merino charcoal hoody was pilled. I decided to make a machine wash but with wool program and recommended temperature and detergent. I was really amazed when after machine wash it looked like pilling disappeared! Nothing can say about their gadget - I don't have it.
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