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Asked by Mollytuck on 14th March 2015 Report this content
I am considering buying my prom dress from this website and I was just wondering what the material was like? My only concern would be if it is really thin material?

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Answers (8)
Report this content Suzylew80 Written on: 18/03/2015
The material they used was a good quality. Send them your measurements. DO NOT ORDER OFF PEG SIZE.They got my order so wrong. Send them your measurements and that way if they mess it up you have proof they messed up.
Report this content DaveHoward1965 Written on: 18/03/2015
It is nothing like they advertise. Chiffon was netting and colour totally different. The actual dress material was ok but beware of there sizing. I suggest you look elsewhere.
Report this content willibuyagain Written on: 18/03/2015
Hi the material was fine but it was all lined. my daughters dress was pale blue and wasn't see through at all. My suggestion to you is make sure of the sizes as i had to have the bust taken in as way to big for a size 8. also be aware that you have to pay the customs which is quite a lot of money.Also they do not let you return the dress if its not suitable or does not fit. hope this is helpful
Report this content Patfearn Written on: 18/03/2015
Hi, Please do not buy a prom dress from this company. I can assure you the dress will look nothing like the photographs on their website. Nor should you take any notice of the positive reviews on their website as they write and post them themselves. The materials used are very poor quality and rarely resemble the material in the photographs. Finally the photographs do not belong to diydress. They plagerise them from other companies. Hope this helps, but please do not buy from this website.
Report this content RehanaSidat Written on: 18/03/2015
Hi take a look at diy dress review on Facebook- so many of have had very poor experiences that tally up to thousands of pounds being wasted on goods that fall very short on what they promise, it's a real risk using this site which I would strongly advise you not order from diy dress, based in China with little regard for quality and customer service
Report this content KerryC13 Written on: 18/03/2015
The material is imitation - cheap and nasty, barely resembling the dress you think you're buying! My advice: do not buy from these crappy dressmakers off the web. It's a waste of money and time, you're 100% better off going shopping and spending a few extra dollars in store (or find a good sale). You'll have to spend lots more on alterations just to fit in it (they will NOT accept your returns for any issues, sizing included), then you'll still look bad because of the nasty material. You'll want your prom photos forever - not worth the risk in my opinion. Good luck! :)
Report this content Smartalex Written on: 24/03/2015
I bought this as a prom dress for my daughter. The quality, make and delivery was very good. There is a sting though - the company is based in China and you have to pay import duties. It would also appear that I am one of the lucky few to get a very good service. It was only after I placed the order that I realised where they were and could not cancel the order. I had to be honest though and gave them 5 stars. They communicate 24/7 and I got the impression that they were trying to improve their service. Please read more recent reviews before you buy.
Report this content Alecs85 Written on: 01/06/2015
I am not an expert in material , but the seamstress I took the dress to in order to evaluate it so I could get a refund through my credit card thought the dress looked very cheap. I was disappointed with the quality of the work; the seamstress was shocked by material, work, and obvious faults - it even came with a custom scissors cut on a side...yet the bag it was wrapped in had no cut, hence they wrapped it up with the cut material and just shipped it.
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