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Asked by patricianeil on 20th March 2014 Report this content
Do truprint still do 135 24 exp films? If so how can I contact them?

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Answers (9)
Report this content bezzzzza Written on: 21/03/2014
I believe they do - email them and ask for free envelopes so you can send films in for printing/putting on disc etc.  Unsure about prices so probably best to ask that question at same time. Hope this helps xx
Report this content Algeefin Written on: 21/03/2014
Yes they do. Details available on their support site.
Report this content Kirstyb123 Written on: 21/03/2014
Not sure but I would ask them on their Facebook page, they are usually very helpful on there. :) 
Report this content Womble79 Written on: 21/03/2014
Hi, I don't know if they do or not but if you email them they should get back to you pretty quickly. I've always had a very quick good response from them when I've had to email them.
Report this content KenW1941 Written on: 21/03/2014
Yes they do just go on line in your search engine to find out how to get these done.
Report this content AlexU Written on: 21/03/2014
I don't know what films they do. Go to their customer support web page where you can find their phone number and email details. Hope this helps, Alex
Report this content Magso Written on: 21/03/2014
See their support site. That should help!
Report this content gsmith2117 Written on: 21/03/2014
Help home> Answers> Film processing Film processing Do Truprint still process films? Yes, we still process 35mm and APS films, and single use cameras. All of our prints from film are produced on high quality Kodak gloss finish photographic paper. How much does it cost? Image You can also purchase an additional set of prints at the time of processing for an additional charge of £4.00 per film. The extra set of prints will be of the same size as the initial set. Can you put my images onto a cd? We can put your photos onto a CD at the time of processing the film only, for an additional charge of £3.00 per film. We cannot offer this service once the film has developed, or as a standalone service i.e. you will need to pay for the processing of the film, and select this as an additional service. How do I send my films to you for processing? To send us a film for processing you will need one of our up to date secure mailer envelopes. These are addressed freepost envelopes which also act as an order form; you simply fill in the order details on the front of the mailer, pop your film inside and post this to us. If you would like us to send you an envelope please contact us, providing your name and address, including postcode. Do you offer reprints from negatives? We do offer reprints from 35mm negatives only; we cannot reprint from APS negatives. All reprintes will have a gloss finish, and there is a minimum order value of £10.00 (excluding P&P). Please see below for prices. Image P&P for all reprint orders is £1.50. If you would like to order reprints please contact us and we will post an order form to you. Can you print my images any larger? We do not offer enlarged prints; we can only print your images in 6x4 or 7x5. Can you print photos directly from my memory card or cd? We cannot accept your cd or memory card through the post and print directly from these. However you can transfer your images from a cd or memory card onto your computer, upload them to our website and order digital prints online. Can I purchase films from you? We no longer sell new films, but films can still be purchased at most major supermarkets. Was this answer helpful? Yes No Answers others found helpful Processing and delivery times Postage and Packaging prices Returns and refunds Coupon codes Printed photos look better than online versions Share Print Email this page
Report this content sarahscraps Written on: 21/03/2014
Hello, I'm not sure if they still do 135 films, but their contact number is on their website :)
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