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Asked by tenjosh on 6th May 2014 Report this content
This company are complete schemers. I sent my phone in perfect condition they claim it is smashed screen which is impossible. I sent it with flip cover and well protected no way it was smashed. Since relating this to them they simply don't respond and still have my phone. Is there anything I can do? Many thanks

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Answers (10)
Report this content george15582 Written on: 07/05/2014
I also sent my phone in perfect working order they claimed it was faulty ..... Wish I had actually read reviews prior to them having my phone. Took an age to received there deflated offer payment. Oh well lesson learnt as they say
Report this content Lianner Written on: 07/05/2014
I emailed and said I did not accept their reduced offer and wanted it returned ASAP. they did as requested. it came back without the damage they reported and I solded it with mazuma for full amount.
Report this content Ummugumma Written on: 07/05/2014
Yes they are complete schemers. They don't replay to any emails at all but they do answer calls. 
Report this content Buddy1805 Written on: 07/05/2014
I just kept on and on at them and eventually was paid, although it was a reduced amount to what they quoted at the beginning. Or you can request it to be returned but the cheeky buggers charge you for that! Took me a few days to get a response but I did get paid in the end. Awful company I can't believe they're still allowed to trade.
Report this content dar1984 Written on: 07/05/2014
Terrible company took me a month to get paid thy kept blaming bacs system and they also changed the agreed figure. I am convinced any positive reviews on here are actually submitted by people who work for igadgets, learnt a valuable lesson always check reviews before selling, reality is I could of sold mine on eBay for considerably more money and been paid quicker. Avoid igadgets
Report this content wavey10 Written on: 07/05/2014
I had a problem with this company, they offered me less than half of what they originally said they would pay stating the phone had suffered exceptional wear even though it had been kept in a protective case its whole life and was as new when I sent it. I complained and after 2 weeks they came back with a better offer but still only just over half what they originally offered. In this time all the other offers from their competitors had dropped to a similar amount so I reluctantly accepted their offer. I would however never use or recommend them again. You can contact them by phone, which I suggest you do and request they return your phone immediately as they have no right to hold on to it. If only you had taken a photo of the phone before you sent it or better still a video showing it working and you packing it in their post bag before you sent it, then you could prove that any damage had been done by them and was not your fault. If you don't want to have your phone back, request a better offer as they will increase it but not by much. Good luck and you'll know what to do next time.
Report this content hartd2 Written on: 07/05/2014
I have to say I had no problem but what I do with anything electrical I send away is take a picture of the unit in close up, print it and send it with the unit. Tell them the picture is enclosed as advice that the unit is in perfect condition. Its best if the picture is dated as some camera's do this. Its not guaranteed to work but may deter the schemers from trying it on. In this case they must have offered you a lower offer by email. Reply telling them to return the unit so you can see what has happened. You may get a better offer elsewhere or maybe its not damaged at all.
Report this content Mikeandlynn Written on: 07/05/2014
Originally I contacted this company to see if they were interested in my phone. I gave them a full description and the details I gave them were true and accurate, the phone was in as new condition They offered me £50 and I accepted they sent me an envelope to send the phone to them. When they received it they said they could not unlock it which was not my problem any way, however I gave them various codes to help them. They said none worked and said they were only prepared to offer me £5 which was a total insult I insisted they stick to their original offer but they refused, I asked that the phone be returned, only to be told I had to psych the return postage. I refused and said I would take action if they did not return my phone FOC , eventually they did I then advertised the phone on ebay and it sold very quickly for £76, the buyer has since contacted me saying how delighted she is with the phone My advise is insist that they return your phone FOC and try selling on ebay DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS COMPANY PLEASE FEEL FREE TO USE ME AS A REFERENCE WHEN CONTACTING THEM GOOD LOOK
Report this content Mandy115 Written on: 07/05/2014
I chased and chased them via phone and email for payment - after accepting a lower amount begrudgingly because of damage caused in transit???- And eventually sent a nasty email threatening trading standards and ofcom. I got my (lower) payment the next day but it took 3 week's. The worst company I have ever had dealings with. Good luck!
Report this content DonnaMcCarthy Written on: 09/05/2014
Report them to trading standards and don't give up!! Keep on at them.
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