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“Avoid like road kill”

Written on: 12/05/2012

BENAUGHTY OR SHOULD I SAY BESCAMMED...Gents dont waste your breath using this site. I will be honest I have met a couple of women off here and did exactly what I was hoping to do when I joined the site. Thats the only good thing I can say about it. 100'S OF FAKE PROFILES or CAM GIRLS chatting to you asking you to follow a link to see them on cam.. which you have to pay for. When you first join its free and you start getting chat requests and emails from women. But you have to pay membership for at least a month to read these emails/chats... They are all fake sent out automaticaly by the site to entice you in.

The only reason I hooked up with the women I did was because I concentrated on the chat rooms, bit easier to weed out who is real and who isnt, however just paying £40 quid to chat to someone in a chat room is not worth it!! PLUS ITS A LOT OF GRAFT. Seriously the effort and money is better off being put into going out on the town and chatting to a women in a bar!

Oh and if you do get sucked in like I was its a pain in the butt trying to cancel your subscription.. If you take the three day trial run (£4.00) I think, be warned you will automaticaly be billed for a months subscription as soon as the three day trail ends without being asked!!! If this doesnt sound like a dodgey buissness I dont know what does. Make sure you cancel your subscription well in advance of the end date so they cant screw you and give your bank a ring and block the site from taking money from your bank, or cancel your card!

Oh and to give you the heads up shagaholic and just hook up are also dodgey websites... I have checked these two out but didnt part with the cash as the saying goes Once bitten twice shy! and one more tip,, if your reading a womens profile an easy way to spot a fake is the use of grammer,,, I know nobody is perfect but its shocking.. A women who apparently lived ten miles from me, born in the same country and lived there all her life and her english is like that of someone whos first language isnt english.. sentances you just about understand but the words used arnt quite right, or words put in the wrong place. You will also notice this happens when you check reviews of these sites that defend them saying they are great.. Go ahead and look, it wont take you long to see what im talking about.. I just dont understand how they are continuing to operate...

Anyways peace out gents... stick to sites like plenty of fish or simillar ones that u know are legit.. I know I know, theres no pics of half naked women on those sites but atleast the women there are real.

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