Buying a New Caravan (Bad salesmen)

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Guest's review of Perthshire Caravans, Errol, Perthshire


“Buying a New Caravan (Bad salesmen)”

Written on: 03/10/2012

Firstly after buying it in January and told it would not be delivered until April i was ok with this. One week later i was called and told it would be delivered early May. (Starting to get a bit disgruntled)A week before delivery the salesman called my wife and told her that he was due on holiday the weekend it was due to be delivered to us and also that it would not have been ready. After i was informed i called the sales manager and director and complained. Director told me that in fact the caravan was due in on time. However the salesman was on holiday and he was the one who sold me it and was the only person allowed to hand it over.Two things here. What if he had left the company in between time and he was also off that weekend!!! Teddies out the pram and fuse blown and several exchanges of unpleasentries by myself and i was assured i would get the caravan on the Sunday. I got no handover as such with the caravan. Salesman was unhappy he had to come in and carry out the sale. (This was my first caravan and i paid cash for it.)Alas this was not the only issue. After a week i noticed condensation in my reversing light. They told me (eventually after trying for days to contact them)that they would source a new part and get back to me when it was in. 6 months later and i'm still waiting.

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Paulmagoo's Comment

Written on: 01/05/2013

Like many others I have found their after sales service to be so appalling that it reminded me of watching Faulty Towers. From Service to the Director Owners the "couldnt care less attitude" meant that a prebooked visit ended with the work not getting done and even an email from the Director telling us we were difficult customers and exclaiming that he wasnt going to do any work now and we had to remove our van asap. Went to reputable trader in central Scotland to get the job done right. Would NEVER recommend this poor customer and company to anyone. Just keep on driving past! Below is the Directors answer to a legitimate complaint!


We are not prepared to carry out any work to your caravan. Please remove at your earliest convenience.

Many Thanks
Perthshire Caravan Company
Tel.: 01821-670212 Fax: 01821-670266

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Lynneed's Comment

Written on: 10/08/2013

We ended up having to threaten them with legal action. My husband was ill with cancer and they couldn't give 2 hoots that they ripped us off knowing that we wanted the motor home to get the best out of our situation for my 7 year old daughter. Bunch of gold diggers. Just keep driving past!

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Gurkareiver's Comment

Written on: 06/05/2014

Totally agree with after sales service being terrible and will make sure as many people as possible get to know about it, maybe if you hit them in the pocket they will realise you can't treat people like this. I recently had my van booked in for some work to be carried out and because someone was off sick the work couldn't be done, so, they said they would let me know when the person was back and we could book it in again. You can guess they never called and when I contacted the service department the person who was dealing with it was of sick too and she shouldn't have told me she would contact me. It appears they have no system in place to ensure customers files are passed over to someone else when a person is off sick. They now tell me I can't get the work done till late June, no I'll get the work done somewhere else thanks and when we buy our new van next year we'll buy that somewhere else too.

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