A Vastly More Enjoyable Shooting Experience

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Cal38's review of Weihrauch HW 75


“A Vastly More Enjoyable Shooting Experience”

Written on: 26/08/2012 by Cal38 (1 review written)

I fell in love with this air pistol after the very first shot. Though a bit pricey, it is far and away much better than I had hoped it would be. It is worth every penny I spent on it and more. Please bear with me a little as this is not a truly technical review as I would do from my engineering background but rather more of how the superb quality of the HW 75 has changed my overall shooting experience and enjoyment.

After a 35+ year absence from handgun shooting to raise a family and pursue a difficult (electrical engineering) and busy career, I finally retired f(for the most part:). With violent and drug related crime extending outwards from the inner cities to the suburbs, at the encouragement of my wife of 42 years, I got my State of Ohio License to Carry a Concealed Firearm earlier this year.

The State of Ohio requires both class time and some actual range competency (not that difficult for anyone). But that short range session was enough to remind me just how much I had once loved punching holes in paper and deer hunting with a handgun.

My favorite place to shoot is an outdoor range (Grand River Wildlife Area in Ohio) operated courtesy of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. It is a 60 bench Class A supervised rifle and pistol range. Ranges are 25, 50, and 100 yards. The range is open Tuesday through Sunday, 8:00AM to 4:40PM. It is closed for State Holidays and during the months of January and February. A paid permit is required but at only $24 per year, or $5 for a day pass, it is truly a bargain. Pricing for local indoor range time is typically $8 per hour. I could write page upon page about how much I appreciate the State of Ohio range, the wonderful friends I have made there, and the truly exceptional gentlemen that supervise it. My warmest and highest regards go to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for providing the range and the absolute finest of super friendly and helpful range supervisors, Jason, Erick, and Bob.

Generally I shoot target at the 25 yard range. It does take a bit of practice to keep all of your shots within an 8" diameter circle at 25 yards. I have read on many of the Internet gun enthusiast forums of many people claiming consistant 2 or 3 inch groups at 25 yards all while shooting with a two hand grip in a a standing position. I am at the range at least once or twice a week and have yet to see any of the many numbers of people shoot anything even remotely close to those claimed abilities. Granted there are people that can a do it, but they are fewer and further between than one would get the impression from reading the many "boasting" type posts:)

Unfortunately the range is a 50 minute, 32 mile drive from my home. So when I do go to the range, I make a day of it. It's simply too far distant for an impromptu hour or two of shooting fun.

I thought I could get in some extra practice between sessions at the State Range by practicing with an air powered pistol in the workshop section of my basement.

So I made up a simple 10 meter air pistol range spanning my basement shop area. A large free standing BB/pellet trap stands at one end wall of the workshop and the firing line "shooting bench" is a piece of carpet covering the top of my table saw (a Delta Unisaw with the 52" extended table).

Because local ordinances prohibit discharging a "real" firearm within the city limits and I didn't want to take any chances with exposure to the inevitable lead dust created by firing even a .22 LR pistol cartridge, I never seriously contemplated making up an indoor .22 caliber LR pistol range within the workshop area.

After I had the 10 meter range set up, I went out to purchase an air pistol that would be suitable to meet the planned intention of getting in more practice firing a handgun. After purchasing several different types of CO2 powered BB pistols, a multipump Crossman .177 pellet pistol (with which I promptly and painfully pinched the skin of a finger), and a break barrel cock spring operated Buckmark pellet pistol, it didn't take long to decide these things were little more than toys. Accuracy or a trigger shape and a trigger pull designed for a strong alien from outer space with outlandishly shaped strong fingers and pinch proof skin. All were totally useless for my initial intention of gaining more practice time between real range sessions.

After several months, the basement range went unused but the thought of getting in "practice time" with it stayed with me.

After scouring the Internet for something that might fulfill my idea of gaining more practice time I started looking more seriously at the higher quality (and price) types of air pistols.

Initially I was thinking something like the IZH 46M Match Pistol might meet my initial requirements. I also looked at the Daisy Avanti 717 Triumph Match Pistol as a possibility but couldn't find any specifications regarding the all important trigger pull and break. I didn't want to waste more money by simply guessing that the Avanti trigger pull would be adequate for my intended needs. I even looked at the pre-charged pneumatic pistols such as the Alfa Proj Competition PCP Pistol.

So I decided to email one well known air gun vendor with a very detailed description of my initial plans of purchasing an air powered gun for for practice along with descriptions of the various firearms I do shoot.

Much to my surprise, the vendor obviously gave considerable thought to what I had written and suggested I consider the HW 75 or the HW 40.

After looking at the pictures and specifications for those two air pistols I realized the vendor had really given me a great suggestion. Not only were both types shaped more like a conventional semiautomatic pistols, the trigger specifications astounded me. I opted for the HW 75 over the HW 40 because it appeared to be made with better materials (no plastics). Since I was also venturing into a different world of air guns than those I had ever shot in the past, I also decided that since this would probably be my last attempt at buying an air gun to suit my requirements, that I should spend the extra money to be more sure of the durability and overall quality of air gun components.

After receiving the HW 75, I read through the instruction manual and found the gun to be very much intuitive as to its operation.

However that first actual shot with the gun made me do a double take on just how smoothly it functioned. After sighting it in using a sandbag rest, I was amazed at how well I could place each shot within a very tight group. After some more practice with the gun, I was able to fine tune the sights even more and shoot a much smaller group.

I started out in the evening in the basement shooting at small dots drawn on some card stock paper. Before I realized it, the time had gone by so fast it was well after 1:00 AM when I took a time out to look up at the clock.

The next day I downloaded a free PDF file of a standard 11 meter air gun target. I printed out a bunch of those targets and with a little taping together hung four of those targets backed up with card stock paper on my pellet trap cabinet. Then I decided I should set up just as I would for firearm shooting at the State outdoor range. So I set up the inexpensive Leopold zoom spotting scope, and got out the big number easy to see calculator to count my score on each target

It was such an enjoyable experience, very challenging but peaceful in that I was so “into it” that I forgot all of those little and big day-to-day thoughts and worries.

The HW 75 is such a pleasure to shoot that my initial intention of simply using an air gun for “practice” between range sessions with the real firearms turned out to be a whole new and very enjoyable shooting experience. I found shooting the HW 75 to be different but just as enjoyable as shooting the firearms at the State operated range and I only had to walk down the steps to the basement to get there.

Instead of using the HW 75 for practice between firearm range sessions, shooting the HW 75 has greatly broadened and enhanced my overall truly enjoyable shooting experiences. Instead of watching the television news with the negative stories on just about everything, I can now simply walk downstairs and start shooting and lose all of the negative thoughts one has spinning around in his mind. For that, the HW 75 was a bargain at twice the price.

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Paulrob180's Response to Cal38's Review

Written on: 11/02/2013

Sorry but I disagree with your comment about accurate pistol shooting. I live in the UK and up until Dunblane I regularly shot 1 inch groups on the outdoor range with my Smith and Wesson model 28, and indoors with my S&W model 41, both at 25 yards,I must admit that I won a national silver medal and many other trophies but a lot of others were not far behind. 2 inch groups are easily possible with practice including much dry firing at home, load your own ammo, weigh each charge and bullet for consistancy, and yes, I have just bought an HW75 and find it superb.

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Duncanfromscotland's Response to Cal38's Review

Written on: 25/05/2014

A very enjoyable read Cal38. I personally have just purchased a brand new HW45.
Like you, I haven't fired pistols in an age. (since 1974) I do rifle shoot, mainly pest control and for the pot, but I wanted to be able to do a bit in my garden and to be honest, my garden length for rifle shooting is just not challenging, hence the HW45.
I bought mine in .177 calibre and even after just a couple of hundred shots, I am surprising myself with the improvements I am making.
Nine metres, best group so far (ten shot) is 19mm edge to edge.

I aim to improve!

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